Same Guy, New Uniform…Free Agency

As you know, Free Agency kicks off today!  While there are a lot of guys who will be sporting a new uniform this fall, these four guys seem to be this season’s most notable: 

Peyton Manning:  Of course this season’s most popular free agent still grabs most of the headlines.  After the rumor of over 15 teams interested, it seems like now it’s down to Miami, Tennessee, Arizona, and Denver.  The funniest part of the Manning coverage is how NFL insiders are all quick to say “Another team may sneak in and sign Peyton Manning.” That’s because people don’t want to be wrong like last year when the Eagles signed Nnamdi Asomugha out of no where!  When it comes to Peyton Manning,  I’m a fan of the comeback .   I hope Manning returns better than expected (think Farve’s  first year in Minnesota).  Nothing would be sadder than to see Manning fail this season.   Miami is where I would like to see him land.  We can get the hype (and you know they will hype it!) of watching Manning vs Brady twice per year. 

Mario Williams:  If it weren’t for the Peyton Manning spotlight, the hottest Free Agent this year would be former #1 draft pick Mario Williams.  I’ve heard it all regarding teams who want this guy: Tennessee, Miami, Seattle, New Orleans and Chicago to name a few.  I know all of those teams can use him.  I also know that most teams can’t afford both Manning AND Williams.  While the Bears really need another receiver, Williams would be great in the Chi.  I’m sure Bears fans would agree!

Vincent Jackson:  The VJax deal will probably get done quickly!  There are a lot of teams who are in need of a wide receiver.  “Sources” are naming a few teams who appear to be in aggressive pursuit.  The Bills (who just completed a deal with Stevie “Why So Serious” Jackson) are still among the interested.  To fans of the Bucs, Bears, and Redskins (salary cap drama pending)–all I can say is pray!  Jackson has gone on record saying he would like to stay in San Diego with the right offer.  As a fan of a team who needs a WR, I hope VJax realizes that San Diego has no love for him or they would have handled business and paid him by now.

Matt Flynn:  Safe to say the league’s most popular back up QB will go to the first loser in the Peyton Manning pursuit.  Miami, Arizona, even Seattle all have a great shot of signing Flynn.  Should the Broncos lose out on Manning, I’m sure they will almost HAVE to stick with Tebow or draft a QB to avoid riots breaking out all over Denver.  No doubt, Flynn is cool and confident being this year’s 2nd best QB free agent.  As soon as teams are clear they will not sign Peyton Manning, the calls will just come rolling…

Due to last year’s lockout, we did not get the full excitement of free agency.  As fans, we are expecting this year to be much different! From the looks of this year’s scouting combine, the 2012 draft will not be “stacked” with playmakers.  We will get a great indication of exactly what GMs all around the league feel about this year’s draft class based on how quickly these other notable Free Agents get signed:Dallas Clark (TE), Marques Colston (WR), Hines Ward (WR), Brandon Jacobs (RB), Reggie Wayne (WR), Peyton Hillis (RB), Carlos Rogers (CB), Michael Bush (RB), Ryan Grant (RB),  Mario Manningham (WR), Plaxico Burress (WR), Martellus Bennett (TE), John Carlson (TE), and John Abraham (DE). 

What Free Agents are YOU most interested in this off season? 

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3 responses to “Same Guy, New Uniform…Free Agency

  • Jeremy

    I think if Pierre Garçon hits the market, a team reaching for youth should pursue him as opposed to V. Jackson. Someone like…uhhhh, the REDSKINS. You gotta young QB coming in, so a younger receiver like a Garçon can still be around and productive in 3 years (when most young QB’s come into their own). V. Jackson will be 32 by than and will probably cost you significantly more money. Garcon is your man if you are building for the future.

  • Sam's Sports Brief

    As a Bears fan, I would love to see Mario Williams in a Bears uniform. Now that we have Brandon Marshall, why not add to the mix?

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