She Said: Watch Out for the Big Boys!

Yesterday was an interesting day at the 2012 NFL Combine.  We got to see the O linemen and Tight Ends go to work.  It amazes me every year to see fellas that are 270-310 pounds MOVE with such speed and agility! I mean wow!

Let me start with the least impressive…In fact, I will put it this way: I’m glad my team is not in desperate need of a tight end.  The TE prospects were good, but no stellar, must-have 1st rounders in this group.  According to NFL Network, only 14 guys were invited to this years’ Combine.  It was hard to find anyone to jump up and down about.  Basically we want an awesome blocker who can be another receiving option.  Many of these guys didn’t catch the ball well.  If you feel your team does need a TE, no need to panic…studs like Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski were drafted in the 2nd round.  Even Jason Witten and Jermichael Finley were drafted  in round 3. I’d imagine that’s were guys like Dwayne Allen, James Hanna (who ran a fast 4.49) and DeAngelo Peterson would go round 3. They were all just…meh

Based on the Combine coverage and mock drafts done by the experts, the 2012 NFL Draft will not be sexy.  What I mean by that is it seems that the players drafted early will the players teams need to get the job done vs players teams want to sell tickets (Luck and RGIII aside of course).  There were a lot of offensive linemen yesterday.  While I’m more of a skill position girl, these big fellas were impressive!  The guy everyone was talking about most: Matt Kalil out of USC.  Dude had a terrific showing.  He was agile during that 3 cone drill.  A lot of these guys were fun to watch.  I think a lot of QBs can rest easier this season with some of these guys coming into protect them (learning curve aside).

Today’s Combine showing features the “sexy” skill positions of WR, RB, QB etc: Playmakers

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