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What Did You Do?

How was your first Sunday without football?  I know  you’re thinking, “What about the Pro Bowl?” And my response to that is, “What about the Pro Bowl?”  Who really cares about whether the NFC or the AFC wins in a game where the players care more about Hawaii than the game itself?  Does it really matter?  We watch the NFL for one reason and one reason only:  to see who wins in a game that counts, a game where the winner actually wins and the loser truly loses. Plain and simple.  Today, without football, was quite enjoyable for me. And I have to say that I didn’t think about football at all. It was actually peaceful. J and I went to brunch, relaxed and watched basketball.

By now, you know D and I are VERY competitive!  So of course we play Fantasy Basketball in the same league as well.    I’m not gonna lie: I don’t get the same rush as Fantasy Football but  it’s still fun.  My basketball team is the Chicago Bulls!  I was all geared up to watch the Bulls take on the Miami Heat.  Even though Miami was at home, I fully expected my Bulls to go into South Beach and leave with a W…no such luck :-(.  The Bulls certainly had their chances to win the game.  While I’m upset they lost and I have to listen to these Heat “fans” brag, I’m excited!  Why?  Because tomorrow the Bulls are coming to Washington, DC to play the Wizards.  Ya girl will be in the building!  I do support the Wizards (I’m a home team girl) but thanks to Michael Jordan, I will love the Bulls forever.  I can’t wait to check out how the Bulls rebound from today’s loss. Continue reading

What were WE thinking?

With the post season almost done, we thought it would be funny to take a look back at our pre-season predictions:

AFC EAST- New York Jets New York Jets

AFC NORTH- Baltimore Ravens Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC SOUTH-Houston Texans Houston Texans

AFC WEST-San Diego Chargers Kansas City Chiefs

WILD CARD-Cleveland Browns New England Patriots

WILD CARD-Kansas City Chiefs Baltimore Ravens

NFC EAST-Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles

NFC NORTH-Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers

NFC SOUTH-New Orleans Saints Atlanta Falcons

NFC WEST- St. Louis Rams Seattle Seahawks

WILD CARD-Detroit Lions New Orleans Saints

WILD CARD-Atlanta Falcons Tampa Bay Bucs

The Superbowl is all set.  Congrats to the New England Patriots and the New York Giants!  More importantly: Congrats to the fans of those teams!  As you can see, neither of us picked the correct team coming out of the NFC (sorry GMEN).  Who (besides their fans) knew they were gonna show up so hot at the end of the year?!

Guest Post: How to Deal When Your Team Loses

By Michelle Zehr

Michelle is a blog contributor for Gold Star Games, a one-stop-shop for tailgate gear and much more. 

With the NFL playoffs in full-swing (although this could be applied to any sport whether it is the playoffs or just a big game versus a rival opponent), diehard fans often find it difficult to imagine what happens when their team is bumped out of the playoffs and is sent into the off season. Months without football (or insert your favorite sport here) can be very hard to imagine. When the season ends, there may be yelling, dropped jaws in disbelief and sometimes even tears. Where do diehard fans go from here?

We all know it is hard when your favorite team has been knocked out of the playoff race. If it is tough on the fans, just imagine how difficult it is for the players who were actually on the field. Even worse, the player who missed what could have been the game winning field goal. First off, you need to put things into perspective. It’s just the end of the season. Remember, the end of the season does not mean the end of the world. The fate of your sports team is much more pressing than waiting to hear back from a job interview, a struggling marriage or struggling to make mortgage payments. It’s natural to allow yourself to be upset; especially when watching the games have become part of your weekly routine. However, you are going to eventually need to move on. Create a new routine in the offseason. Consider gathering your football buddies for a Sunday game of flag football instead of mourning on the couch.

Another option is to think positively. As hard as this may seem, think of all the teams who did not make the playoffs and their fans. At least your team made it to the playoffs and had a shot at going further. Unfortunately, everyone cannot win. There is going to be a winner and loser in every game. Remember, this is not the end of football. It is merely the end of the season and with each new season brings a fresh start.

Do some venting. Call up a local sports talk show and let your opinions be known. If you’d rather the entire city not know your opinions, call up a sports fan buddy and do some venting. Talk about the good and bad times of the season.

Are these ideas still not working for you? Others have suggested running, stress balls, mediation, starting your own football season with a video game or a night of drinking. Ultimately, the choice is yours. When you bleed black and gold, brown and orange, red and blue or any other team’s colors, it is hard to realize it’s just a game. However, it is. You will move on and before you know it, it will be time to break out your favorite jersey and enjoy a fresh start.

HE SAID: What’s in store for WildCard Losers

This is the time of year that I look forward to every year: the NFL Playoffs! It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! As happy as I am during this time, it also makes me a little melancholy: it’s the beginning of the end. It’s not like last year with uncertainty looming with a threat of a lockout, but it’s still sad to see the end coming. This past weekend we had a chance to witness the WildCard games, which usually is the most boring part of the playoffs to me. But not this weekend! There were some barn burners. With every sports writer and sports blogger giving game analysis of each contest, I want to take a little time to shed some light on the losers of these games, and where they may be heading in the next season.

The least anticipated of the four games was the Bengals taking on the Texans, with 2 rookie QBs and 2 strong defenses, with the Bengals coming out as the loser. Most experts had Cincinnati finishing with the worst record this season. With losing Chad OchoCinco to the Patriots and that whole Carson Palmer debacle, nobody gave them a chance. But with Andy Dalton having a firm grip of the QB of the present and future ; and world-class WR AJ Green, the Bengals made some noise this season. Throw in complementary players like Cedric Benson, Jerome Simpson, and Jermaine Gresham, the Bengals were in contention the entire season. Even though they didn’t beat any team of note, they both surprised and impressed just by making it into the playoffs. Even with the pieces they currently have, they seem pretty set, but wait….DON’T forget about those beautiful draft picks they acquired for unloading that Palmer guy to the Raiders. I would say that Cincy is sitting pretty. But you have to consider the history of the Bengals. They don’t always make good decisions. We’ll see how things unfold in the offseason.

I picked Detroit to be in the playoffs this season. My reasoning was all about that defense. Suh and Fairley….Fairly and Suh. What great cornerstones to build on. It was going to be a thing of beauty to see that defense. Well, there was definite beauty, but it mostly came from that offense. Matthew Stafford is on the verge of being the next big thing in the QB position. With over 5000 yards passing and 40 plus TDs, Stafford was a MONSTER! If he stays healthy, Detroit will always contend. Calvin Johnson proved that he is the best WR in the game, and with guys like Brandon Pettigrew, Tony Scheffler, and Titus Young, they will be set. The defense will continue to improve because they are young, mean and hungry…..a little too mean, maybe. My only concern would be the Lions running game. Who knows what’s going to happen with Jahvid Best and his concussion issues. I’m sure they will address that position in the offseason.

I knew going into their game, that the Atlanta Falcons had a good, almost great chance of coming out losers against the Giants in that WildCard matchup. I knew for one reason and one reason only: they don’t scare anybody. They never have. Matt Ryan’s not scary. Roddy nor Julio scare people. The Falcons D don’t scare teams, and even as good as he is, Michael Turner doesn’t scare teams. Where’s the intimidation factor? It works for the Lions, the Steelers, the Ravens. It even worked for the Giants, well at least it did yesterday. The Falcons will continue to be good and will continue to be playoff contenders, but until they get some toughness, they will continue to go winless in the playoffs.

I was not prepared to write anything about the Steelers because I expected them to go far in the playoffs. I was all prepared to say that Tebow had a great year, and he’s a great athlete, but he’s definitely not the Broncos QB of the future, and Denver should shop for a new QB and build the team around their very good defense. OOPS!! The Steelers lost a tough one. But I do expect the Steelers to continue to be playoffs contenders and even Super Bowl favorites next year. Big Ben and Rashad Mendenhall will return from their injuries. Pittsburgh has great young receivers, even with the uncertainty of the future of probable Hall of Famer Hines Ward, so they are set at WR. Their only concern will probably be the aging defense, but I’m sure that with be addressed. The Steelers always draft well and usually make good decisions during free agency. I don’t think Steeler fans have any reason to be too upset. Yesterday’s loss against Tim Tebow and the Broncos was upsetting enough!

What do you think of the Wild Card Weekend Losers?

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