No ICE Please…Week 13

The NFC East had a BAD week!  Not a win for any of the teams.  Who said we had the best division?  First,  the Eagles were embarrassed by Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks on Thursday night.  During the off-season, after the lockout, I looked in amazement at the team the Eagles were putting together.  And I thought to myself, this team will beat ANYBODY!  Man, was I wrong.  The Eagles are a bad team that can’t stop anyone.  Instead of teams fearing them, they come thinking that they can do anything they want to the Eagles:  run, pass, anything they want.  Andy Reid has done a lot for Philly, but he needs to go.  It’s time!

The Skins’ season went from bad to worse.  They not only lost their 8th game of the season, but apparently they lost two key pieces to their offense for the rest of the year.  Their most productive offensive weapon, TE Fred Davis, and their key O Lineman, Trent Williams will be suspended for 4 games for drug policy violations.  It’s a shame to see this happen for any team.  As for the game, the Skins made Shonn Green look like a perennial Pro Bowler.  But, they also did the same thing for their own Roy Helu.  This guy is really good.  They really should use him more. (Kyle, are you listening?) 

The Giants/Packers game was a very good game.  I have to say that Eli Manning is becoming to the Giants, what Peyton is for the Colts.  He’s really good, and he showed me a lot yesterday.  I vilified this dude in the past for being sub par and second tier.   No longer do I think that.  He led the Giants on a great comeback against the best team in football.  Unfortunately for them, the best team in football has the best player in football, Aaron Rodgers!  Rodgers has already won the MVP award.  Yesterday, he had to do something that he hasn’t had to do this season:  He had to play from behind and then led his team on a last-minute drive after the Giants tied the game.  He used his arm effectively as usual.  He would have been more effective if his receivers (Jermichael Finley) could hold on to the ball.  Even more impressive, was the way Rodgers used his legs.  This is what sets him apart from every other QB.  He is what Michael Vick, Vince Young, and Tim Tebow aspire to be.  That’s why he’s the MVP.

Lastly, MY COWBOYS are a joke!  How do you ICE YOUR OWN KICKER?!  It was bad enough that we played down to the level of the Cardinals.  That one single, boneheaded play, cost us the game, could cost us a Division Championship and could cost us a playoff spot!  It should also cost Jason Garrett his job.  Did you see Jerry Jones when that timeout happened?  He was fit to be tied!  Do you think that he will continue to put up with that?  The only thing that I’m worried about is who he would get to replace Garrett?  Jones is crazy enough to hire the soon to be unemployed Norv Turner who was the OC in Dallas for Jimmy Johnson’s Super Bowl teams.  Please, NO!!! Jones is crazy enough to hire himself as Head Coach.  You know that’s what he really wants to do.  That’s what he’s always wanted to do.  I can’t take it anymore with this guy!  He needs to go!  We have too much talent to be this bad. When will this nightmare end!

Whelp while we were miserable, the rest of the league seemed to be having a ball!  One of the teams that came to BALL was the Pittsburgh Steelers.  They made a statement that they are still a team to face in the AFC.  Maybe they couldn’t beat Baltimore this year, but Ben still owns everything in the state of Ohio.  I’m a HUGE fan of Hines Ward (who needs only 10 catches to have a 1,000 career catches), I hope he makes them too! Next year however, the Steelers have 2 very outstanding young receivers in Mike Wallace and Antonio Brown.  They showed up BIG for Ben yesterday!  Cincy is a much improved team, but they still have work to do in order to beat Big Brother. 

We watched the end of the Denver vs Minnesota game and before I even go to Tebow, shout out to Christian Ponder who had probably his best game as a rookie.  He torched the Denver defense…just that last pick at the end was costly.  Which brings me to, Tebow Time!  As stated on here before, I’m a fan!  He keeps knocking down all the haters.  Just Sunday on NFL Countdown, I heard Tom Jackson say that everything you say they guy can’t do, he turns around and does it.  I heard someone say that all of these close games are helping Tebow and that’s why he is winning.  Yesterday was a shoot out and he actually threw the ball pretty decent yesterday.  Now they have a chance to make the playoffs.  What more can you ask for?  I know I wish MY team was gonna to make the playoffs…

Speaking of torched defenses, DREW BREES and the Saints had an awesome game yesterday.  Brees did get some pressure from the Lions defense, but  Suh not on the field was certainly something the Lions missed.  Another thing, the Lions are missing? ANGER MANAGEMENT!  The Lions remind me of that song, “Self Destruction, you’re headed for Self Destruction!”  Yesterday my man ( and Fantasy Football TE)Brandon Pettigrew, got so angry that he pushed a ref!  I was so in shock that I tweeted “Brandon Pettigrew is retarded…can’t be pushing a ref homie”.  Not really nice, but VERY true! Jim Schwartz needs to take a hint from Tampa Bay head coach Raheem Morris.  Coach Morris sent his player (DT Brian Price) HOME (not to the locker room, but HOME) after getting an Unsportsmanlike Conduct call yesterday.  (When your last name is Morris, you don’t play that!)

Week 13 Things to Note:

I think Cam Newton really is Superman!

Percy Harvin was on FIRE!

Andre Johnson and Matt Forte…get well soon homies

New England Defense-you should be ashamed of that performance!

We didn’t mention that the San Fran 49ers SHUT OUT the Rams yesterday

Kyle Orton can’t get a break

Fan Quote of the Week.  Where we highlight a tweet from one of our Twitter Followers.  This weeks tweet comes from die hard Packers fan Charity Bailey: @BaileysBlast : OMG ok its official I now trust Aaron Rodgers the way I trusted B.Favre! I almost lost my mind today! #Packers .  Check out Charity on Twitter and on her blog

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