She Said: Team Beans for Christmas

Not every football loving lady wears a jersey to the game.  In fact, if they are anything like me, a jersey is the last thing to wear when watching the game (especially a pink one).  For years, there were limited options regarding Game Day attire for female fans.  Today is a new day!  Retailers are starting to recognize that just because ladies watch football with the guys, doesn’t mean ladies want to look like the guys!   I’m always on the hunt for jersey alternatives to wear on Game Day.  My approach to Game Day attire is to incorporate how I dress my everyday life. 

Black Friday I went searching for the Christmas gifts for the ones I love.  Naturally, I found one thing I absolutely HAD to buy for myself! While on  I found this Team Beans NFL Pashmina.  As soon as I saw it, I thought Merry Christmas to me!   Let me tell you, it gets pretty chilly at football games this time of year.  There is nothing more essential or stylish to rep your team than this.  It’s THE perfect gift for a Fabulous Fan!   Of course because I love the Washington Redskins, I got this one.   There is one for all 32 teams.

There are several cute ways to wear this accessory.  Here’s how I rock mine: 

Trust me, it will be her favorite gift this season…no matter how her team is performing on the field.  

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