Maybe Next Year-by Michael Sykes

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I would like to thank Jeanita and Daryle for allowing me to do this guest post for them. They run a great blog with a unique perspective, from a Dallas man and a Redskin girl, with He Said She Said football. It makes for some great laughs but also some real sports facts. I encourage you all to keep reading!

Anyway, I’m here to talk about my lowly, lowly Eagles. After a loss to the New England Patriots—38-20—we are all but out of the playoff picture. After picking up so many offseason acquisitions I think we forgot about the most important thing. What thing was that? Team chemistry.

I don’t think it was a bad move by Eagles management to pick up all of these acquisitions. After all, if its for improving your team then it’s for the best. However, I don’t think it was wise to not get Desean Jackson worked out like he should’ve been a year ago. The lockout was your first excuse; what now Howie Roseman?

Another problem would be coaching. I’m not here to complain about Andy Reid, I love the guy, but sometimes his decisions are spotty. He made the worst one of his career this season by hiring Juan Castillo, an offensive line coach, as his defensive coordinator for this season. Also, we entrusted our linebacking corps to a rookie, a 2nd year player, and a 3rd year player. Of course, you’d expect them to produce seeing that we have just about as much talent on defense as any other team in the league. A lot of teams wish they had 3 corners that could be considered starters, 2 pro bowl caliber defensive ends, and 2 top tier defensive tackles. We just forgot about one thing; that was the middle third of the field.  That’s where all of the easy completions come from. The Eagles entrused that area to young players who weren’t ready to be in that spotlight yet. Our best bet in the middle of the field was Saftey Nate Allen. He hasn’t even been on the field too much this year because he was coming off of a knee surgery. He played a few games and then got concussed. We’ve had nothing but bad luck this year.

When I watch the guys play, I can see that they’re trying their hardest. It’s the little things that screw up the game for us in the end; I’m talking about the turnovers, the penalties. All of these are things that undisciplined teams do. 6 out of the 11 INTs that Mike Vick has have bounce off of receivers hands. 2 more can be jotted down as him forcing a throw because of lack of protection. The Eagles haven’t made good decisions with the ball this season and that’s why they haven’t been able to keep leads in the 4th quarter. Out of our seven losses, we’ve led into the 4th quarter in five of them. They haven’t been helping themselves with all of these turnovers.

All in all, I hope that we can get this team together and work out all of these kinks in the offseason. Maybe we can get Desean Jackson signed depending on his behavior for the rest of the year. We can move DRC or Asaunte Samuel for an asset that could help us in the long run. We can make moves in the draft. There is a lot of upside for this Eagle team. I say give Andy Reid one more shot to get this team jelling once again. Michael Vick is used to his system now, and firing Reid would surely set him back. We’ve got a top running back in Lesean Mccoy and a potentially top receiving corps right now. If we can get the defense in tune, we’ll be playoff bound once again.

This year stings for me. As an Eagle fan it hurts my heart to see my team in distress like this. I haven’t lost hope in this franchise though. It isn’t time to blow things up; that’s a pretty big step back from what we have. We just need to tweak things a little bit. We’ll be right back where we were last year, atop the NFC East. 


Big thanks to Jeanita and Daryle once again. SBM!

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