She Said: Free Agents Only

We met at a football game.  Before we started officially “dating” we met up to watch a lot of football games.  We have so many friends (ladies and fellas) on Facebook and Twitter who are very passionate about sports.  These are all the reasons we started writing this blog.  We thought it would be a lot of fun.  We also thought it would give us an outlet to discuss sports with other people.  We are the type of people who will strike up a sports conversation with random people at the bar, on the metro, at a cookout, in Starbucks, in church…you get the idea.

Sure, there are social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.  Did you know there is a social media outlet for Sports fans?  It’s called Free Agents Only.  On FreeAgentsOnly.Com you can meet other people who share a common love for sports.  This site has several features that I like: Top Sports Stories, a live Twitter-esque time line, groups based on sports interest, and the blog “View from the Sidelines”.

It’s free and easy to join…and with over 15,000 members that love sports…some is talking trash about their team for sure!

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Lover of Jesus, Family, Football (HTTR), Wine, Travel, Professional Development, and overall self improvement. Reading 112 Books by my next birthday: 1/12/17. View all posts by jeanitamorris

2 responses to “She Said: Free Agents Only

  • Susi

    Love the Blogs from both sides of the playing field! Great perspective always – I wish we lived closer because I can deeply relate to the love and passion you feel for your man and sports – to and breathe them also. Really can’t imagine life without sports…pretty boring! A social and dating site the centers around sports is ideal two-fold…one it takes the creepiness away from the standard dating sites and it can bond and bring people and couples closer together with that common interest of sports. Sports and dating are gobal and are here to stay! Let’s all get off the Sidelines and into the Game. A fresh fun and FREE site here we come!

    • hesaidshesaidfootball

      Thank you! We have a lot of fun! That’s what our blog is all about keeping the fun in sports and with sports fans. Clearly you guys are on the same page! Let’s make it a party! We are gonna make it our business to go to some Miami games next year…we’ll have to all catch up!

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