Turkeybowl, Harbowl, Rodgers and Romo

Seasons Greetings everyone!  We hope you each had a great Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends.  Thanksgiving with our family was quite awesome!  We planned with our families to arrive no later than noon to get the festivities started.  While we didn’t have a typical tailgate, we did have a Packers/Lions pre-game set up.

I actually thought the Lions had a huge chance to win the game, and it started out pretty even.  However, the Lions loss their momentum, and their cool, and ultimately the game.  At least it was a good game for at least one half. 

 At halftime we had our version of a Turkey Bowl at the Morris house.  This was a competitive matchup between me and J’s father against J’s brother in law and her two young nephews, aged 4 and 6.  These little “ankle biters” were juking, and zig zagging, and head faking, and talking trash.  It was truly a sight to see.  The oldest one, AJ, had his own little touchdown dance.  It was a lot of fun!  I’m already looking forward to next year’s rematch.

Thanksgiving dinner was served at 4pm.  I’m sure you won’t be shocked to read that the “HE” of this blog devoured 2 plates in record time to be back in front for the TV in time for the 4:15 kickoff of the Miami vs Dallas game! 15 mins…this guy!

Most people were probably thinking that this was going to be a weak match up, but I knew better.  We were going into the game with a 3 game win streak, but our last game was a tough battle with our division rival coupled by the fact that this was a short week of preparation.  And on top of that, the Phins had their own 3 game winning streak where they outscored their opponents 83-20.  They had two players, QB Matt Moore and RB Reggie Bush, who have been killing teams of late.  So needless to say, I knew it was going to be a tough match up.  Tony Romo, also on a hot streak, suddenly got cold, throwing two first quarter INTs.  Fortunately for us, Miami was only able to come up with just a field goal.  In the second quarter, we were pretty much in control going into halftime with a 10-6 lead.  We came out flat in the third quarter and the Dolphins got hot, taking a 16-10 lead going into the 4th.  Another 4thquarter being down to a team that doesn’t have half our talent.  This pattern has to change.  Well anyway, by now you know we won the game, 20-19.  I have to give props to Romo for settling down and brushing off the mistakes.  There were several plays where he got rid of the ball while in the clutches of a Dolphins defender.  I also have to say that I’m nothing less than impressed by the play of Laurent Robinson, who has caught at least one TD in 5 straight games, totaling 7.  This guy was cut by the Rams earlier this season.  I also have to shout out DeMarcus Ware, who I always think should win Defensive MVP, not because I’m biased, but because he’s THAT GOOD. Lastly, I have to point out that DeMarco Murray is the best RB that the Cowboys have had since Emmitt.  He IS the Cowboys featured RB.  No questions.  He, not Romo, will lead us to another Super Bowl.  Mark my words! 

With dessert came the Harbowl.  Earlier in the day, I took a poll from our family (those knowledgeable on the topic that is) about who would win: 49ers or Ravens.  Prior to the game, the majority picked the 49ers to win the game.  We all knew it was going to be a battle of defenses.  Most people believed Flacco was not reliable enough to pull off the win.  We all thought it was pretty cool that both head coaches were brothers (an NFL 1st).  What perfect timing for Thanksgiving.  Although the Ravens won in the end, to me one of the best parts of that game was the ceremonious end of the game handshake between coaches.  The brothers met and they both told each other “I Love You” and  complimented each others teams.  Classy.  It had to be an awesome day for that family. 

I will admit, I had just a little interest in this game, but I wanted to see the outcome.  I actually thought that the Niners were going to come out on top, mainly because of the inconsistent play of the Ravens.   If you like defense like I do, this was the game for you.  Both teams were scrappy from start to finish, but the Niners offense could not out run the Ravens, who sacked Alex Smith 9 times last night.  We have been talking about the Niners all season long, looking at them like they are the team to beat.  Don’t get me wrong, they are good and very much improved, but they play in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL AND their QB is Alex Smith.  Let’s not start anointing them just yet.

This was a GREAT Thanksgiving.  We spent it with family and loved ones.  We also ate GREAT FOOD and watched the NFL ALL DAY.  For this, we are so very thankful! 

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2 responses to “Turkeybowl, Harbowl, Rodgers and Romo

  • Mike Patton

    Keep doubting my Niners. We love the doubt. The game was more about the offensive line vs defensive line battle than anything else. Also, just because we play in one of the weakest divisions in football doesn’t mean we can be a contender. A certain team out of the NFC West made the Super Bowl a while back(Cardinals). I wouldn’t count us out just yet. But, like you did, keep throwing out reasons we can’t make it. We love that.

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