Three weeks left to the start of the playoffs and the ladies are sitting pretty collectively at 1, 2, 3, and 6.  Ladies, I am hanging on to dear life for this last playoff spot… I need someone to take it easy on me this week (hint, hint).  The fellas are scrapping for a 3rd playoff spot, especially the commish.  I can NOT let that happen!  I tried to plead my case to the commish (he saw me hit submit) but he’s hating on a sista…I understand, but he is still hugging that 7th slot 😉

Congrats to Domin8 Trix, STAR Studded, and DC for wins this week–Keeping our rankings in tact. Just a few more weeks to go to Playoff time Ladies!  Hang in there!  We’ve been running this league for a while now…

Okay, now I’m really concerned.  Please give me a minute to talk about my team.  DNasty has had a FREE FALL recently, losing back to back match-ups to Domin8 Trix and Ballers UnOrthodocks (shout out to Ballers Unorthodocks for his 6th straight win).  Right now, I’m on the outside of the playoffs and I’m looking in like a fat kid outside a bakery.  My mouth has written too many checks and I need them cashed.  To make things worse, next week I have to take on HE SAID division leader Jacksonville Swaguars who is going out for blood to avenge an earlier season loss to me.   And, it couldn’t be at the worse possible time since I have QB issues:  one QB underperforming since he signed a big contract, one QB out for the season, and another hurt.  I have no choice but to climb on the Tebow bandwagon.  Yes, I’m really concerned.

 As far as the Battle of the Sexes match up Week 11, the Ladies whipped us again (is it too early to start looking toward next year for the Fellas to have any success in this league?).  The Ladies are just killing us.  The have a combined record of 33-21-1 compared to the Fellas 21-33-1.  HORRIBLE!!   Team Bring It fell victim to Domin8 Trix, who is 10-1 and cruising to a first week bye playoff spot.  I have consistently given props to Domin8 Trix, but I have to give a special shout out to STAR Studded, who has 3 wins in a row and currently ranked 2nd in the league.  The Ladies are continuing to hold 4 of the 6 playoffs spots, so shout out to the entire Ladies division.

 Next week’s Battle of the Sexes  Week 12 match up will be interesting because it puts Ballers UnOrthodocks’ win streak up against Girl Behaving Badly, who met few weeks ago, resulting in a Girl Behaving Badly loss.  Like I said, it should be interesting.

Thank You for participating in our 1st He Said She Said Fantasy Football League!  From us to you: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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