We’re talking NFC East…Week 11

Yesterday was a GLORIOUS day! You should know by now that He Said She Said FOOTBALL are on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to our NFL teams.  It was only fitting that we be apart of the excitement to see our favorite teams live and in living color.  It turned out to be a great day for football, but it was also great for tailgating, and seeing football enthusiasts like ourselves, enjoy a mild sunny day watching their favorite teams battle it out.  Fans from everywhere were there to take in this game.  We even met a mother and daughter who traveled from Virginia Beach .  It was a graduation gift for the daughter, her wish was to see her favorite team (the Cowboys) play in person.  We also had the good fortune to witness this rivalry in the most regal way possible:  in the SKYBOX at FedEx Field.  There is no other way to watch a professional football game.  Now that I’ve had a taste, I can’t watch a game any other way.  The accommodations were awesome:  all you can eat buffet, in-seat wait service, plush leather seats with climate control.  And the view was amazing!!  It was the best football watching experience that I ever had.

I believe I had the same hopes as most Redskins fans yesterday: “Please don’t let us get blown out at FedEx Field to these BUM Cowgirls!”  With that goal in mind, and excellent seats as an incentive, I suited up in my Burgundy and Gold best and trekked up to FedEx Field.  Of course it would have been awesome to be on the winning side of a 27-24 victory in overtime.  Anytime a fan pays money for a sporting event, they are expecting to be entertained.  It doesn’t get much more entertaining than a divisional showdown that goes into OT.  FedEx Field holds 91,000 fans.  Yesterday I would say the crowd was 50/50 (way too many Dallas fans!).  What that meant was 45,500 people were yelling on every play-regardless of what happened.  It was THE MOST FUN I’ve ever had at a football game!  Trust–I’ve been to many (including this rivalry game in DC and in TX).  This was the best one so far.

I maintain that Dallas is an average football team that is overhyped by the media and it’s fan base.  While Tony Romo is a mistake prone QB, he made very few mistakes yesterday.  He benefitted from D. Hall not being able to handle Dez Bryant.    Still I have been saying for weeks leading up to this game, that the Redskins play Dallas better than almost anyone in the league.  So again I was expecting to be entertained.  I was not disappointed. 

We didn’t bring our usual game day must-haves: Laptop and Ipad.  However, because the Loge Level was SO awesome, we had a TV directly in front of us tuned into Fox.  We were able to get highlights from other games just like you would at home.  Plus, the scoreboard at FedEx showed scores and gave Fantasy stats.  With all of that and my Yahoo! Fantasy Football app-I was straight!

I have to say that this was one of the better recent games between the two teams.  It was what you should expect in this rivalry:  a back and forth battle that comes down to the end.  I have to admit this publicly:  The Skins came to play yesterday.  They were coached up and put up a great fight.  Rexy even showed me something.  He can be effective from time to time, and he was very effective yesterday.  I still think he is garbage.  But he’s the best option for the Skins at QB.  No matter how good or bad the Skins are, they will always give my Boys a tough game.  I guess it’s the hatred or the thought of humiliation from Cowboys fans everywhere that fuels them.  Even, as good as the Skins played for most of the game, it doesn’t dismiss the terrible play of DeAngelo Hall, who might as well be Arsenio Hall, because he can’t play corner either.  I bet Carlos Rogers is looking really good to you Skins fans now.  Hall was quoted after the game as saying that the Redskins should cut him.  Really D Hall?  You want sympathy?  C’mon Man!!!  For the last time, you are not Deion!  You’re not even Rogers !!  Trust me Skins fans, my Cowboys’ corners are not much better, so I know what I’m talking about.

We, as fans, have been cheated out of this rivalry in the recent years, forced to see two hapless teams, run sloppily on the field and call it a rivalry.  YESTERDAY was a RIVALRY.  It was a crowd that seemed to be split evenly down the middle with both Skins and Cowboys fan shouting their hearts out for their favorite team to pull out a victory that very well could mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.  I mean, let’s face it:  neither team looks Super Bowl bound this season.  Even if my Cowboys make the playoffs, which is a strong possibility–what are we going to do when we get there?  With that being said, yesterday brought back an excitement to this rivalry that I hope is here to stay.  The two teams need it, the NFL needs it, and most importantly, we the fans need it.

Sunday Night Football: Eagles vs Giants:

Once I got home and settled, I got an opportunity to watch the other NFC East Showdown of the Week: The Philadelphia Eagles at the New York Giants.  Last time Philly came to New Jersey-DeSean Jackson was who everyone was talking about for his outstanding play at the end of the game.  This year, DeSean Jacskon was still a big story.  This was his first game back after being benched last week for over sleeping and missing a meeting.  It was questioned all week if Jackson really overslept or if he is still acting out because his contract had not been negotiated.  I thought DeSean would come back humble and ready to have a big game against the G-Men.  Clearly I was wrong…well kinda…

*Jumps on soap box*

As a fan, I understand a lot of hard work goes into being an exceptional football player.  I’m in the minority that believes a player should be proud when they make a great play and advance their team.  I believe in brief celebrations, spiked balls, chest bumps, hugging—all that.  What I don’t understand is what goes through the mind of DeSean Jackson.  Yes, he is an exciting player to watch and he makes great plays.  (Believe me-I know this as a Redskins fan) However, to think he is so great that he disrespect the game the way that he does is amazing to me.  In the 2nd quarter of the game, Jackson made a great play with a 48 yard reception.  At the end of the play, this man tosses the ball to the Giants defensive coordinator.  He THEN, skips away backwards from the Giants sideline brushing off his jersey (brushing off his haters I guess).  The whole play is called back due to taunting.  WHAT AN IDIOT!  You are not that good dude!  It’s for reasons like this that you haven’t gotten paid yet!  How classless!

*Hops off soap box*  

Vince Young and Riley Cooper filled in nicely and led the team to a much needed victory, giving the Giants their second loss in a row, launching my Cowboys to the top of the division.  I will say this for Young:  I don’t think there will be a QB controversy, but he looked more effective than Vick has been this season.  I know it’s only been one game, but Young will be starting somewhere next season.  You can bet cash money on that.  I also want to point out that DeSean Jackson is a baller!!  He does some dumb things, but he’s a great player.  He’s one of two players on the offense that the Eagles need to win.  The other player is LeSean McCoy.  He needs to run the ball at least 25 times a game.  He may be the best RB in the NFC East.  It may be too late for the Eagles to make a run, but they can definitely wreak havoc for teams in the NFC for the remainder of the season.

Next Monday’s recap we will back with our “Things to Note” and “Fan Quote of the Week”!  From us to you: Happy Thanksgiving!


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