He Said: What’s up with Mark Sanchez

After being drafted 5th in 2009 and playing in back to back AFC Championship games, one would think Mark Sanchez would be closer to being an ELITE NFL QB.  I will admit, I never believed that Sanchez was ever going to be looked upon in the same fashion as Brady, Brees, or Manning. However, I did think that he was a good QB that would lead his team effectively.  To put it plainly, Sanchez is having a bad year .  Some critics are saying that he has even regressed as a NFL QB, making mistakes that a rookie would make.  His own coach, Rex Ryan, went as far as to call him “stupid” for calling an ill-advised timeout at a critical point in a game. 

So…What’s up with Mark Sanchez?

Sanchez, has always struggled from time to time in his short career.  But, he always seemed to pull himself together just at the right time.  But will that time come again during this season?  Statistically, Sanchez is slightly better than last season, but he doesn’t seem to be helping his team.  The Jets have lost their last two games, most recently against the Tim Tebow led Broncos, bringing their record to 5-5 (two games behind the Patriots).  Against the Broncos, Sanchez had a 67.9 QB rating, 252 passing yards, and a Pick 6.  While Sanchez did almost pull it out at the end, he came up short, much like this season. 

So I ask again, What’s up with Mark Sanchez?   Is is it the pressure of playing for  Rex Ryan?  Or is Sanchez simply not as good as we thought?  My opinion is that it is both, and furthermore:  Sanchez should have never been considered an elite QB.  Sanchez should have never been considered an every week starter for your fantasy squad.  On the other hand, I do believe he can excel under the right system.  So the question is not whether Sanchez should be further along as a 3rd year starter.  The question should be:  Why haven’t the Jets come up with the right system for their 3rd year QB?  They need to come up with the solution, ASAP.

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