Whelp after 10 weeks Ladies, we have clinched our first playoff spot!  Congratulations to the 9-1 Domin8 Trix for already solidifying her bye week and top billing playoff spot! 

Further congrats to all the Ladies! We were sooooo close to pulling off a true sweep this time.  Then I had to go and lose to Ballers Unorthodoks.  Shout out to him-as he posted, he is staging “the biggest comeback in history”.  This man went from ashy to classy…

We are still holding down 4 of the 6 playoff spots 1. Domin8 Trix, 2. Girl Behaving Badly, 3. STAR Studded, and 6. Play Action Princess!  Let’s keep doing out thing ladies…these fellas do NOT want it!

I’m still shaking my head!  Is there any answer for Domin8 Trix?  I have to give it to her, she’s got a GREAT squad.  Fellas, what else is there to say:  we SUCK.  With the exception of Ballers Unorthodoks, we all took Ls this week.  Speaking of Ballers Unorthodoks, he has risen from the dead with his FIFTH straight win,  moving into second place in the MEN’s division and holding down the 5th seed in the playoffs.  But, we got a few weeks until the playoffs start, and the final picture has yet to be painted.

There’s still time to capture another playoff spot from the Ladies, and it’s not that long of a road to travel.  If I win out (IT COULD HAPPEN), I’m in the playoffs!  But, it’s not about me.  It’s about taking down these Ladies!  Next week’s Battle of the Sexes Men v Ladies matchup puts Team Bring It against league leader Domin8 Trix.  Domin8 Trix, I know you have clinched your playoff spot, but I see a losing streak in your future.  We can do it Fellas!



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