Big Wins in Week 10

Let’s start with the first match up of the year between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.  Andy Dalton has only faced one really top notch defense this year in the San Francisco 49ers. I was extremely interested to see how the young guy would fair.  It was good to see he still had chemistry and could rely on fellow rookie AJ Green.  The real issue is that Dalton did not receive the benefit of a Cincy running game at all. Down 17-24 in the start of the 4th quarter…the poor guy throws 2 INTs instead of orchestrating the big come back.  The Steelers on the other hand had a HUGE day on the road.  After the big loss to Baltimore at home at Heinz field last week, many (not I) doubted the Steelers ability to bounce back.  That defense that everyone thinks is too old to get the job done closed out Sunday’s game.  After the pitiful loss handed to Baltimore fromSeattle…the Steelers are back on top of the division. 

 The next team that had the opportunity to stand up to their bully was the Detroit Lions.  Week 5, the Lions travelled to Chicago for MNF and they got a win!  Javhid Best “ran on their head” (163 rushing yards) that game.  Yesterday, the Lions host Chicago and they let Devin Hester RUN!  Let’s keep it real-at some point or another, teams make that mistake.  What made the difference in the Lions getting smacked down yesterday was the 4 INTs throw by Stafford…then a fight breaks out…but it was too late…I think we are witnessing the beginning of the end for the Lions’ playoff hopes.  They got off to a hot start.  However, they have Green Bay in  their division (who they still have to play twice, starting on Thanksgiving Day), Chicago with who they split games, and then the Saints coming up too…It’s going to be difficult.

 Ahhhh…Sunday Night Football…The Patriots were on a 2-0 losing streak and head into the New York to face the J-E-T-S! A win from either team would earn top billing in the AFC East.  It seems like Jets plan was to shut down Welker…which Revis did.  I just don’t know why they for got about all the other receivers Tom (HELLO) Brady has available to deliver the ball.  So it wasn’t Welker’s night, but it was Gronkowski’s night…and Deion Branch wasn’t mad either.  Chad(sigh…poor Chad) OchoCinco even got a little love.  Chad was left wide open to catch a ball in the 1st half and catch it he did!  Oh wait…then he steps out of bound *face palm* it would have been a touch down otherwise…The Jets could not get it done on the New England DEF…if you can’t get it done on THAT Defense then its not getting done.  Playoffs?!

You know I’m not going to leave out the CRUSHING blow my Cowboys delivered to the Buffalo Bills!Everyone was talking about how Tony Romo was going to perform against a Bills DEF that got 4 picks from Tom Brady and Michael Vick.  Well Romo did juuuuuust fine by me!  The Redskins lose.  The Eagles lose. The Giants lose.  How ‘Bout Dem Cowboys?!


Rex then Beck then Rex=still losing

There you go Joe Flacco…there you go

San Fran is still ballin

The Jets couldn’t come back on the Patriots DEF?!

Tweet of the Week: Where we feature a quote from one of our Twitter followers.  This weeks tweet come from: @General_MP I liked that the 49ers found a way to win w/o the running game and w/ Alex Smith making plays offensively. #NinerNationMike is also the blogger for  Check him out sometime!  He’s a good dude!

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