Capital Food Fight and Thursday Night Football

Last night brought back the return of Thursday Night Football.  For me, it means a few things:  it means another night of NFL action, which is always a good thing, but it also means that it’s just a few more weeks left in the regular season before the playoffs start, and ultimately the end of another season, which for me is a sad thing, because I love the NFL.  Thursday Night Football also makes me appreciate the Fox, CBS, and ESPN broadcasts because the NFL Network just doesn’t get it right when it comes to broadcasting a live football game.  I love the NFL Network but they are TERRIBLE.

Now on to the game itself.  Just when I thought Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers were about to turn a corner, they retreat backwards.  The Chargers have a defensive deficiency:  they can’t stop anybody!  Was that Carson Palmer playing last night or Rich Gannon?  Was that Denarius Moore or Tim Brown?  Was that Michael Bush or Michael Bush?  These three players were GREAT!  The Chargers had no answer for them.  Then there’s Rivers.  I have made it clear how I feel about how he’s been playing this season:  SUB PAR.  But now the rest of the offense is playing the same way.  No protection from his offensive line, no running game, no good routes from his receivers.  Vincent Jackson had a chance to be a hero, but he totally hung Rivers out to dry on that INT in the endzone.  Only one word describes this Norv Turner coached team:  AMATEURISH.

We were invited to an event we simply could not pass up: The 8th annual Capital Food Fight benefitting DC Central Kitchen.  I’ve heard great things about this event over the years and I was not disappointed!  I’m a huge foodie and we have been to just about every restaurant in DC several times (no kidding i could have been a food or restaurant blogger). It was a special treat to see the celebrity chefs of some of DC’s hottest restaurants (all of which I’ve dined) in an “Iron Chef” style competition.

The night was full of surprises! The first for me as a Washington Redskins fan was to see one of the Master of Ceremonies was Mark Kessler, stadium voice of the Washington Redskins games at FedEx Field.  He was joined by the two official hosts of the event: Anthony Bourdain (of the Travel Channel hit “No Reservations”) and Celebrity chef Jose Andres  (I love his restaurants: Jaleo, Oyamel, Cafe Atlantico, and Zaytinya).

The competing chefs were: In Battle 1 Jeff Black vs Haidar Karoum and In Battle 2 Todd Gray vs Brian McBride. The final was Haidar Karoum vs Todd Gray.  THEN there was a surprise battle between chef Spike and Chef Carla vs Chef Jennifer and Chef Michael (all “Top Chef” Alum) ……which Spike and Carla won. 

The winner of the 2011 Capital Food Fight was Haidar Karoum!

Now the food: Samples from over 60 restaurants in Washington, DC!  We tried everything from tartar from the source to clam chowder from Ris to even D’s favorite: Gumbo from Equinox!
A great event for an even greater cause!  We will definitely be back again next year!  Here are some of the sights and sounds!

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