Ladies, I almost had a picture of a broom up here…almost.  Ballers Unorthodoks is coming back like fashion trends.  He handed us our only loss (and barely)!  Next, the game between your commish (DNasty) and DC turned out to be a tie with the last play of the Ravens vs Steelers game.  Our record against the men this week is 3-1-1…Every game really did come down to the wire!  You ladies are real bad-MICHAEL JACKSON

Shout out to the She Said Division and our rankings for this week.  Leading the charge in that #1 spot is Domin8 Trix (shout out to her for beating Jacksonville Swaguars-we needed that!), followed by the return of Girl Behaving Badly at #2…then wait a minute…#4 is being held down by the rookie STAR STUDDED (who also had THE MOST POINTS in the league this week)…and #5 being held down by yours truly! 4 of the 6 playoff spots go to pink!

Yes, no brooms this week!  I have to give it up to Ballers Unorthodocks for his 4th win in a row.  This one over Girl Behaving Badly (I know you really wanted that win).  My matchup with DC had a disappointing result for me.  I HATE TIES!!!  It reminds me of an episode of The League when they tried to come up with a suitable way top break a tie.  DC, I challenge you to a foot race to break this tie, let’s arm wrestle, have a cook off, SOMETHING! I HATE TIES!

Fellas, we got a shot again next week against the Ladies in another Battle of the Sexes.  I’m really looking forward to my matchup against Domin8 Trix (can yall hear the sarcasm).  But seriously, the playoff picture is shaping up, and we have to have a good showing next week or the ladies will have 4 representatives in the post season.  That’s not what I pictured when this league started.  WE WERE SUPPOSED TO DOMINATE, not the Ladies!  We have 5 weeks left to take back this league.  No disrespect Ladies, but yall are going down like the Titanic.

Week 9 Things to Note:

Reggie Bush played in the NFL this week!

Nobody on the Colts is worthy of a Fantasy start

Vincent Jackson tho!?

Thanks for helping me out Brandon Jacobs

Dez Bryant…what a let down

Mike Wallace, your last fumble caused my tie!!!

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