Stories of QBs and RBs..Week 9

Oddly enough, Peyton Manning is not the Manning that boldly faces Tom Brady and pulls out a huge W…it’s Eli.  I’ve been the first to criticize Eli in the past (heck, just this summer).  I have to admit he’s playing better than he ever has before.  If someone told me a QB in that game would come back with a game winning drive, I (like the rest of you) would have assumed that QB would be Tom Brady.  Eli was great yesterday.  Additionally, Tom Coughlin and that Giants DEF simply have Tom Brady’s number.  Speaking of DEF, it didn’t hurt Eli was going against the worst Defense in the league.  Who thought one could ever write that about a Bill Belichik Defense?

I cannot tell you the emotional rollercoaster that Philip Rivers put me through yesterday.  I made a prediction earlier in the day that said Green Bay would get its first loss due to the hot hand of Rivers, resulting in a breakout performance.  It started off pretty well too.  He quickly hooked up with Vincent Jackson for a quick score, and things were looking great.  But then Rivers happened again!  He threw, not one, BUT two Pick 6s.  I hadn’t seen anything like since the QB from my favorite team did it against the Lions, earlier this season.  I yelled and screamed and vowed that this guy would never see my Fantasy lineups again.  But things took a turn that I’ve been waiting for all season.  He threw another TD, and another, and ANOTHER, totaling 4 TDs along with 385 yards.  He did throw another pick to make it league leading 14 for the year, but I got 35 points from him yesterday.  I AM NOT MAD AT THAT!

 On the other side of the field from Rivers was Aaron Rodgers, who is the BEST FOOTBALL PLAYER IN THE NFL in my opinion.  This guy has been perfect all season.  He has 24 TDs and just 3 INTs on the season, and yesterday he easily threw for 4 strikes to pay dirt.  He does it with so much ease and poise that you have to be amazed.  The thing is, he really hasn’t been tested yet this year, and I really think that he may waltz himself to another Super Bowl MVP. 

Hushing up the naysayers one more time was Tim Tebow…I’m not gonna turn Skip Bayless on you and say let’s all hop on the Bandwagon (well maybe for Fantasy Football I will) but he’s winning more than some QBs out there since his start…

As for the performance of my favorite team’s QB, Tony Romo did what he was supposed to do:  he didn’t lose the game.  Granted, he was playing the woeful Seattle Seahawks in a game that we should have won, and he played mistake free football.  He hooked up with his favorite receiver, Jason Witten and newly acquired receiver, Laurent Robinson for scores.  I’m still quite concerned and I get really nervous every time Romo gets under center, but he was perfect yesterday and that’s all I can ask for.

Roy Helu made his debut as the starting RB for my Skins yesterday and apparently he, the defense, and the kicker were the only Redskins ready to play yesterday. In his debut, Helu set a Redskins record (Art Monk’s) for record number of catches during a game at 14.  That’s good for him but lets take a real look at that stat: 14 catches for 105 yards from your rookie RB (when you had WRs playing), is NOT an accomplishment for your team.  Still…I like the guy and the individual effort he put for yesterday (sans the fumble).

I’ve talked about the play of DeMarco Murray in earlier posts, but I want to continue to highlight this guy.  He had 139 rushing yards and 47 receiving yards yesterday.  In three starts, he has two 100 yard rushing games.  As a matter a fact, he is the first Cowboy RB to record multiple 100 yard games in a season since Julius Jones did it in 2004.  It is now time to stop calling Murray “the future”.  This guy should now be considered “the present”.  

In the Sunday Night Showdown between the Steelers and the Ravens, another QB stepped up to the plate when his team really needed him to: Joe Flacco.  He put together an excellent game winning drive.  All this while getting LITTLE help from his receivers.  They dropped  quite a few passes that were right on the money.  But rookie Torrey Smith pulled one down right when it mattered most.  They won the game (and helped me win my Fantasy Match Up!)  I can’t lie, it was a good look even though I was pulling for the Steelers to win.  (Ray Ray is gonna pay for that hit on my man Hines Ward by the way).  Meanwhile…quietly…the Bengals are sitting on top of the AFC North…shhhh… 

 Week 9 Things to Note:

Reggie Bush played in the NFL yesterday-and did well!

Michael Bush – 129 total yards and 1 TD

Willis McGahee balled! (helping Tebow a lot)

Ben Tate, Houston – 115 rushing yards and 1 TD coming off the bench (Tate is on pace to go over 1,000 yards this season)

Julio Jones-I knew you had it in you man!

Tweet of the Week: The time we quote one of our Twitter Followers regarding yesterday’s games!  This Week comes from @25Sports who has this prediction PRE-GAME yesterday: “What #NFL game are you most interested in today? I want to see Tebow bounce back against Oakland”  Shout out to him.  Check him (and his sports tweets) on Twitter and his site:

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