She Said: Lifting As We Climb

The Lifting As We Climb Foundation, Inc is a non-profit organization composed of Hampton University graduates.  LAWCF is a “youth to youth” mentoring organization geared toward uplifting disadvantaged youth.  Here is their mission statement: “To cultivate youth development in leadership, community service, health and physical fitness and career development.  Our aim is to provide this type of essential service to all children arising from disadvantaged backgrounds, while leveraging athletics as a vehicle to motivate our youth to succeed in life.”

Team sports, especially football, provide opportunities to teach young men invaluable lessons. For me the best element of  service is the opportunity to utilize the  gifts, talents, and resources we have to strengthen our communities.  LAWCF has partnered with both  NFL players, (Antonio Gates, Antwaan Randle El, Larry Foote, Felix Jones, and Anthony Adams); as well as various collegiate coaches and trainers.  I have a special passion about mentoring! I would not be where I am today without a variety of mentors that took a special interest in me.  LAWCF uses football to connect with and mentor young men through a couple of programs I love:

LAWCF All-Star Football Camp and College Prep Workshop

Youth benefit by being encouraged to:
* Stay actively engaged in positive extracurricular activities.
* Stay in school and matriculate through high school graduation.
* Aspire to attend college and pursue a higher level of education.
* Become advocates for their own personal and community development.

The “Sound Mind, Sound Body” Football Academy combines academics, life skills and athletics to increase H.S. graduation rates and prepare more high school students for college and life.

While I am proud of all the great work this organization is doing, what really makes them different is they believe in personally being active and involved. The young males that attend the programs of the LAWCF get experiences and lessons that last a lifetime.  On Friday November 4,  I had the honor of recognizing The Lifting As We Climb Foundation as a Community Partner.  Siraaj Hasan (President and Co-Founder) as well as William Dunn (Member of the Board of Directors) accepted the award yesterday.  When speaking with William, he made it clear that the foundation is very passionate about having successful  professionals  build connections directly with the young men who benefit from LAWCF’s programs.  If you are interested in learning more about LAWCF , to get involved, or to donate please visit their website:  My parents have been outstanding examples for me, especially when it comes to being selfless and helping those less fortunate.  Hampton University is the place where I learned that while one person can make a difference, there is POWER in numbers.  The legacy of the school lives on through the everyday works of people who take to heart my favorite part of the school song:

“O Hampton, we never can make thee a song
Except as our lives do the singing,
In service that will thy great spirit prolong,
And send it through centuries ringing!”

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