Well, week 8 is in the books, and the playoff picture is getting really crazy.  As noted by my partner in last weeks post, the ladies hold 4 of the 6 playoff spots now.  Since I just took another L, I’m barely holding on to a spot in the post season.  I have to give props to Team Bring It for stomping a mud hole in my team, dropping me to a 4-4 record.  I need to get it together! 

I on the other hand am proud of another cheap win.  I beat my bestie (STAR STUDDED) who had Aaron Rogers on bye. YAY ME!  The crazy thing is, in spite of her loss, she still managed to move UP from 5th to 4th in the league thanks to an L from DNasty. I am holding on to dear life for that #6 playoff spot!  I need all the wins I can get!

The leader of the He Said division, Jacksonville Swaguars, also took an L, from Ballers Unorthodocks, who has won 3 games in a row and is 1 game out of that 6th and final playoffs spot.  Last place in our division is Mo Risen, who lost the HE SAID She Said matchup this week to DC.  Bruh: you’re my mans and nem, but how you gonna lose to a team who had two players in their line-up on a BYE>  C’MON MAN! 

LOL! That was a bit of a tragedy. Everyone else is fighting for every single point and she won with 2 people in her line up on a bye! SMH! However the ladies will take it!    As far as the She Said Division, the Ladies are keeping it competitive.  We are like a regular NFC EAST every week!  It’s a tight division.  The most important thing is that we hold on the as many playoff spots as possible.  Right now 4/6 is beautiful!  We gotta let the boys have something!

The Ladies are continuing to embarrass us.  But never fear, we all have a shot next week to take some respect back from the ladies, and at the same time, get a better spot for more playoff teams.  Fellas, we got this!  However, we gotta play smart since the Ladies have been killing us in both the major statistical categories:  our combined record is 17-23 compared to the Ladies’ 23-17, and we are being outscored  3829 to 3998.  DESPICABLE!   This week I am MOST interested in seeing the contest between Ballers Unorthodoks and Girl Behaving Badly.   I suggest you sleep with BOTH eyes open homie.  Ladies, I do have to take my hat off to you.  I completely underestimated you.  But don’t think the Fellas are throwing in the towel.  The Fight has just BEGUN.


Week 8 Things to Note:

Philip Rivers stop breaking our hearts

I know I wasn’t the only one who picked up Josh Scobee thinking he was gonna be a beast again this week.

Andy Dalton, welcome to Fantasy relevance

Steven Jackson would not be denied by the Saints this week!

Fred Jackson, your are the Fantasy MVP, PERIOD

Who are you and what have you done with Phillip Rivers?!


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