He’s Mad…She’s Mad…and Nobody Knows ANYTHING in Week 8

Let me tell you how yesterday was supposed to go:   church,  finishing touches on our fantasy lineups, and Sunday Pre-game shows on ESPN/NFL Network.  She was “wishing” the Redskins would pull out a win and I was certain my Cowboys would pull out a win.  Well…none of that happened. 

 I have plenty to say about my Cowboys.  We need to be a running team.  DeMaro Murray had the game of his life last week, and the Eagles can’t stop the run.  We can set up the pass with the run.  It’s a simple game plan that Jason Garrett has YET to grasp.  I know we have some great receivers:  Dez Bryant is a beast who will no doubt emerge as a star in the future.  Miles Austin has already earned his star status, but we need to RUN.  Murray had just 8 carries for 74 yards:  9.3 yards a carry!  Why not run with this dude until they could stop him, which they clearly couldn’t.  I will admit that Tony Romo is not an elite QB and will not win games for us, however: he is capable of managing games…He can “manage” to hand the ball off.   I’m FED UP with this team.  We are not set up for success.  I’m mad, and I just can’t take it anymore.  We missed out on such a golden opportunity, and with the Skins losing, we could have taken sole possession of 2nd place.  How are we going to make the playoffs like this?  Maybe I need to curb my expectations.  I feel like Jim Mora!

That’s how he feels…I am still numb along with the rest of the Redskin loyal.  Yesterday I posted as my Facebook status: “Being a Redskins fan aint for everybody”.  That’s the sure ’nuff truth!  This is the time of year people hop right off the tiny lil bandwagon we have.  Washington DC is the only city (or at least it feels that way) where for every Redskins fan, there is a fan of another NFL team.  Daniel Snyder should be ashamed of 2 things: 1. How he makes A RACK OF MONEY (just like Jerry Jones) off of loyal fans and produces a piss poor product and 2. How his loyal fans that go GENERATIONS back have to deal week after week of ridicule from fans of NFL teams after having their hopes up off season after off season for the same result! WOOOOO SAAAAA!

That’s just how we feel but shout out to the story the REST of the NFL is talking about: How the Steelers handed it to the Patriots yesterday!  They had pretty boy Tom DAZED AND CONFUSED!  Again all the “experts” talking about the Steeler Defense being “old and banged up” well they looked well enough to handle Tom and nem. HUMPH! I know Steeler fans are like “Put that in your pipe and smoke it!”

Speaking of naysayers….CAM NEWTON continues to hush all preseason haters!  Yesterday he was incredible yet, again…”That boy good!” *in my Coming to America voice.

Week 8 Things to Note:

The New Orleans Saints looked like the Aints of old yesterday…

Tom Brady is HUMAN

Arian Foster ran for my favorite number: 112 yards yesterday!

The Tim Tebow Show needs to be cancelled

Joe Flacco and Tony Romo might be related!

LeSean McCoy is VERY GOOD

FAN TWEET OF THE WEEK: WHERE WE QUOTE A TWEET FROM A FAN.  This weeks’ tweet comes from @WillieTspeaks: “49ers ranked first in the league in passed defended with 54. Tied 2nd with 10 forced fumbles..proud member of #ninernation”. Check him out at www.mymos.net or on Twitter!

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