Let me start with the GREAT news: In the He SAID She Said Fantasy Football League Match up of the Week the guys took another L.  This week’s match up was between my girl (and Dallas Cowboys fan) STAR STUDDED and the man of his blog (also a Dallas Cowboys fan) DNasty.  Friday night DNasty saw STAR STUDDED in person and was talking King Kong size trash.  Taunting her about her bye week players, asking her how she know about the Waiver Wire…just awful!   He was very confident.  And well fellas…he choked!  Let me tell you:  The ROOKIE, STAR STUDDED, handled her biz against your league commish DNasty. Proud of you lady! Even happier that the fellas took another L!    

Though it was a rough week for me in the Battle of the Sexes match-up with STAR STUDDED, I have to first give props to Ballers Unorthodoks for puting together back to back wins. Must have been a GREAT birthday party!!  Ballers is actually in 3rd place in the HE SAID division. Props also goes to the Jacksonville Swaguars for another win and leading the HE SAID division with a 6-1 record.

Now the good news: the LADIES are holding down 3 of the top 5 spots after 7 weeks!  Shout outs to #1 Domin8 Trix, #2 Girl Behaving Badly, and #4 STAR STUDDED.  While I desperatley needed a win this week, I guess it’s too bad that I had to be the first beat Domin8 Trix.  (Honestly, I caught her in a moment of bye week weakness). Monday Night Football was a terrible game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars.  I thought the Ravens were going to dominate the Jaguars so I was very worried.  I was only ahead 5 fantasy points at kickoff.  Domin8 Trix had Ray Rice and I had Torrey Smith and Billy Cundiff.  Everytime the Ravens had the ball, I was doing little “Torrey Smith” chants!  It’s truly a miracle that I won!  But a miracle is what I will take.   

Now as for my week 7 demise:   I talked big noise and was very confident going into my game. I figured that the bye weeks would hurt STAR Studded, but in turn, it hurt me. I was sure I would win, however Aaron Rodgers didn’t see it that way. (Note, Rodgers’ bye week is NEXT week). Anyway, congrats STAR  Studded!  It was a good win for you and the ladies. And speaking of the Ladies….shoutout to Play Action Princess for taking out the #1 team, Domin8 Trix with her first loss.  Ladies, my hat goes off to you……

BUT, the season is far from over!!

Week 7 Fantasy Football Things to Note:
One of Plaxico’s 3 TDs could have  gone to Santonio Holmes

Tashard Choice…useless

SOMEONE who writes this blog said that Arian Foster was done with a “shredded hamstring” (it wasn’t me) *ahem*

Stevie Johnson and Ahmad Bradshaw…I needed you

Sproles! Way to come thru for a sista!

Thank you Roddy White for finally getting into the endzone

I have yet to really be impressed by any Atlanta Falcon for Fantasy Football.  (and I have a lot of them *hangs head*)

Please come back to me Andre Johnson

Pimpin’ Aint BREESY

Delone Carter is a pleasant surprise

Just because the Baltimore Ravens are on the Flacco roller coaster doesn’t mean I have to be

Jimmy Graham: the best TE point blank period.

DeMarco Murray #thatisall

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