Lots of New QBs…Lots of Injuries..Week 7

We both play fantasy football in different leagues outside of the He Said She Said Fantasy Football League.  We decided to do a little bye week experiment.  Both of us have Tom Brady as our starting QB (in different leagues of course).  Pretty Boy was on a bye this week so, we acquired Tim Tebow from waivers and started him this Sunday at QB.  We were pretty confident in the beginning, but then–reality .  Every time I checked Stattracker, Tebow only had 2 points, 3 points, etc (yards basically).  Tebow’s live stats at one point in the 4th quarter showed he was 4 for 14 and I thought “Jeez! This experiment was stupid”.  I checked again at 4:10pm and saw that I had 27 points.  That man not only saved our fantasy stats, but also pulled out an amazing last 5 mins of the 4th quarter for the Broncos.  People have so much to say about Tim Tebow…All I know is I took a chance on the man and he came through.  I think the Broncos fans experienced the same result.

Another experiment was the unDynamic Duo of Carson Palmer and Kyle Boller in Oaktown. RaiderNation applauded to their heart’s content  when the trade to bring Palmer in was announced.  Palmer was the heir apparent to take the Raiders to the playoffs. As expected, Boller started the game against the Chiefs and was cast away after his third INT. Then Palmer grabbed his cape to go in the game to save the day. YEAH RIGHT!  No such luck for RaiderNation. Also stepping into the starting QB role was AJ Feely for the Rams going against my Cowboys. I’m not saying Sam Bradford would have been  better, but it was downright unfair for Feely to step on the field against Dallas.  You guys know the outcome.

Sometimes its hard to be a blogger when your blog’s main objective is to discuss football from a fan’s perspective…and as a fan, the team you love is the Washington Redskins.  This week’s game was another indication that the team is taking another step in the wrong direction.  The Defense was the Redskins biggest asset going into Sunday’s game vs Carolina.  This defense shut Philly out in the 2nd half of the game the week prior.  (Sigh).  Literally, from the first play of the game, Cam Newton ran all over the defense.  He was amazing.  The only bright spot for the Redskins for me was that John Beck certainly seems slightly better than Rex Grossman.  At least he got the team to score.  The most noticeable upgrade? He is mobile.  Overall it was a dismal game to watch and I basically spent the 1-4pm time frame with a *FACE PALM*  I can’t lie. 

Did you see the emergence of my Cowboys rookie running back DeMarco Murray?  Amazing!   I dubbed Murray as a third down change of pace back, but clearly I was wrong. That 91 yard TD run was the NFL play of the day, and he went on to a record-breaking day with over 250 rushing yards. I also have to mention that I clearly picked up the wrong Cowboys running back off the waiver wire in my Fantasy league. Tashard Choice is a God-fearing good guy, but he is useless to the Cowboys as a starting, every down back, and even more useless to Fantasy owners. I have the loss yesterday to prove it.

Week 7 Things to Note:
Tim Tebow was not a bad bye week pick up
Darren Sproles does a better Reggie Bush impression than Reggie Bush
Did you really pick the Kansas City Defense yesterday?
Cam Newton is the REAL DEAL
Time for the REAL Waiver Wire experts to come out this week…
Welcome Back Antonio Gates!  We missed you

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