A Broken Leg, a QB Change, a Scuffle, and Friendly Fans…Week 6

Once again, yesterday started off much the same as most Sundays during the NFL season do:  mixed with nervous optimism and excitement all at once.  We chose to hang out at Buffalo Wild Wings to take in the action.  We knew there would be a good mix of Skins fans, Eagles fans, Cowboys fans.  But also mixed in the crowd were Giants, Niners, Ravens, and Steelers fans.  The NFL was well represented and it was GREAT.  We love connecting and meeting new fans to share commonality and argue differences.  It was FANtastic!  What more could I ask for, wings, libation and football being the backdrop to a crowded sports bar.  I kept a close eye on the Skins/Eagles, as well as the Giants/Bills game, but the game that intrigued me the most was the Lions/Niners contest.  This was a great back and forth between the two surprise teams.  Of course we know the outcome by now:  the Niners edged the Lions, giving the Detroit team their first loss of the season. But after the game is what everyone can’t stop talking about:  one coach going after the other because of a handshake and a pat on the back?  C’mon Man (yeah, I stole that).  But seriously, are you kidding me.  Here’s my take on it.  One coach was vexed by the loss and the manner in which his team lost and the winning coach was HYPED that his team pull out a win in such a competitive game.  That’s it, case closed.  You got to learn how to stay out your feelings in the NFL, Win or Lose!  I was also happy to see the Bucs rebound from last week’s loss to take out the Saints.  But the most bizarre thing about the game was the coach got injured?  I saw Sean Payton getting carried off the field like he was playing.  I heard of being a player’s coach, but I think he took it a bit too far.  Anyway, we wish Coach Payton a speedy recovery.  Regarding the Cowboys/Pats game, I think the photographic evidence says it all.  

Note to Jason Garrett:  If you are going to have Tony ROmo as your QB, you might as well let him be who he is.  If you don’t trust him, get him off the field.  Mr. Garrett, you should be ashamed of yourself calling a shuffle pass on 3rd down with over two minutes left in the game.  YOU ARE PLAYING AGAINST TOM FREAKIN BRADY!

(still hurts)

As a fan, my hopes were high and I was bursting with anticipation of the Redskins pulling off the unthinkable!  Even on ESPN’s Sunday Countdown, Chris Carter predicted the Redskins would finish 1st in the division!  I drank the Kool-Aid *hangs head*Let me tell you, I was hollering from the middle of 2nd quarter “Beck at half time!”  I hate that the Shannys waited all the way until the 4th quarter to make the QB switch…if they would have done it at half time we may have caught up…a poor coaching decision.  I’m not a complete Rex hater, but like I also tweeted yesterday: “If you can bench Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman, then you can bench Rex Grossman for John Beck”.  The most disappointing thing is that the Redskins were healthy and fresh off of a bye week.  How they came out that flat is unacceptable.  At 4pm the Buffalo Wild Wings took a turn in discussion because: The Dallas vs New England game came on.  All those heckling Dallas fans soon were quiet and focused on that loss to the Patriots. (loved it!) Though, I will admit the Cowgirls did put up a good game.  It was miserable being around all the Eagles fans, Giants fans, and Steelers fans who were celebrating their wins and giving us Redskins fans a hard time.  But such as it goes any given Sunday

One great thing for me yesterday is that we watched the games in a super FUN environment.  As you know, I am ALL about the fan experience.  I LOVE meeting and talking to fans!  One person that I enjoy exchanging sports tweets with was at Buffalo Wild Wings this week: @MrDCSports aka Dre.  This guy certainly knows his stuff on all things Redskins and all things DC sports related.  Great catching up with him!

I don’t believe in superstition or jinx, but I HAVE to show you all what I wore to yesterday’s game.  The back of my outfit especially because this was the final nail in the coffin for my poor Redskins yesterday.  People sitting behind me were teasing me saying “that looks like the back of your shirt hahaha”. 

 Needless to say I was not amused...That’s exactly how the game ended, just instead of a REDSKINS first down, it was an Eagles first down 😦

Tweet of the Week: When we quote the tweet of one of our Twitter followers.  This week’s tweet is pretty hilarious! It’s from @TonyJVilleGroup : ” From bad to worst to…Are you ready to hold this clipboard for us? #McNabb”  Check out his blog:  www.thefastbreakonline.com He is also a member of Sports Blog Movement.

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