What an interesting week!  While the men TRIED to keep it a bit more competitive, the women still pulled it out 3-2.  The big winner again this week?  You guessed it-Domin8 Trix leading all teams with 132 points.  Her choke hold on the #1 spot is something serious!  Another lovely lady holding it down at 5-0 is Girl Behaving Badly.  These ladies are the only 2 undefeated teams in the whole league!

The other Week 5 winner is my opponent this week: Star Studded.  Congrats for doing what we knew you would do: Beat Ballers Unorthodoks.  Ladies-my apologies for not beating Jacksonville Swaguars.  Even with the a kicker, I still needed to start BenJarvis Green-Ellis.  Who knew!

Congratulations to Team Bring It on your first win! My condolences to me for losing yet AGAIN (just now in this league) to a Girl Behaving Badly.  Ya boy is still in 4th place though!  Shout to Jacksonville Swaguars for holding down the men with that #3 slot.  Double condolences to Ballers Unorthodoks 1. for losing yet again and 2. for having to deal with an undefeated female.  I’m sure she is not making life easy on you!

Week 5 Things to Note:

Jimmy Graham-you delivered again!

BenJarvis Green-Ellis of all the weeks you decide you wanna play!

Matt Schaub even though the Texans lost, you are a winner in my eyes

No Sean Peyton RB is trust worthy for Fantasy Football

 Willis McGahee!

Look at lil Jahvid Best running all over Da Bears

Goodbye Nate Buelson-you are useless to me

Even though they are slumming and bumming, Eagles offensive players get their points for owners

Sebastian Janikowski-you are a COLD BEAST!

Victor Cruz does it again

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