We Are Learning..Week 5

We all heard about the death of iconic NFL owner:  Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis.  It’s only fitting that as HUGE fans of the NFL that we show respect for a man who left a huge mark on the game.  While we personally did not agree with many of his decisions (and we weren’t the only ones), we certainly love the fact that Al Davis was brazen enough to walk to the beat of his own drum.  As African-Americans, it’s also great to see what he contributed to the game in terms of diversity.  Here’s to you Al Davis for bringing mystique and BOLDNESS to the NFL, along with that vertical passing game. This quote of Al Davis really sums up his belief in the vertical passing game: “When we came out of the huddle, we didn’t want first downs and move the chains. We wanted touchdowns-the quick strike.  We were going to take what we wanted and that was Raider’s Football”  Raiders Football was Al Davis.  R.I.P.

This week our teams are on a bye week and we decided to relax this week as well.  Because we each root for a team in the NFC EAST (him Cowboys and me Redskins), it’s rare we agree on how we want Sundays to go.  Today however, there was no question.  The perfect Week 5 2011 NFL Sunday would include a loss by both the Philadelphia Eagles and a loss by the New York Giants…Well folks, we were NOT disappointed!  We did rejoice when literally minutes apart, our NFC East foes, the Eagles and Giants took an “L”.  I think the Eagles loss was a bit more pathetic.  How a veteran D Linemen falls for the oldest trick in the book (the HARD COUNT) on 4th down is beyond me!  Clearly it’s beyond Philly fans too because every single fan I know was LIVID! (and let’s not forget-they have had a long weekend…ahem *Philies* cough).  I turn the channel to the Giants vs Seahawks game and what do I see? The Giants poised to march down the field and win the game…except…oh wait…Eli thows an INT (one of 3) and the Giants lose too! Oh yeah-party at our house!                 It was GREAT to see both NFC East foes fall yesterday!   I laughed ferociously at the manner in which both teams lost!  I’m still laughing!  On to the late games.  For everyone who thought Tampa Bay was on the cusp of making real strides on becoming a playoff team (I may have been the only person), we may want to rethink that notion.  I don’t know if the Bucs got off to a bad start and couldn’t get things going, or that the Niners are a team that we need to take notice of.  They are scoring on Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.  And don’t get me started on CB Carlos Rogers, who while with the Redskins was a slightly above average corner, but he couldn’t catch bees with honey.  But since being with SF, he already has 3 INTs in 5 games, including a Pick 6 yesterday he took back in the 2nd quarter.  QB Alex Smith hasn’t been as mistake prone as he’s been in the past, and has really been effective this season thus far.  In the match-up between the Jets and the Patriots, there was no loss for pregame theatrics.  Rex Ryan, ran his mouth as usual, but the game showed the thing that we all have known for quite some time:  He is not as good of a coach as Bill Belichick.  The Jets got the running game going with Shonn Greene and LT.  Mark Sanchez even showed some improvement from the other games this season.   But the Patriots still ran all over the Jets Defense with BenJarvis Green-Ellis.  They still couldn’t contain Wes Welker and the pair of Patriots TEs.  The Jets are in real trouble!  In the late game, we saw what we already know.  The Packers are the best team in football AND Aaron Rodgers is the best player BARNONE.  Even after going down 0-14 at the start of the game, Rodgers went to work and made it look easy against a Falcons team that to me has been overrated for a few years now.  Lastly: GOLDEN BOY, Tim Tebow.  I’m sure you have heard by now that John Fox gave into fan pressure and benched his best QB Kyle Orton for Tebow (what happened to Brady Quinn?  I thought he was 2nd on the depth chart).  Granted, Orton was very ineffective yesterday against the Chargers, but was it necessary to make that move yesterday? I will give you this, Tebow is an exciting player!  I loved watching what he did yesterday almost pulling out the win, but he has yet to show that he can be a NFL QB.  Maybe one day he can develop his game in the same way that Michael Vick has done (relax, I’m not comparing him to Vick. but mainstream media does).  For now, he’s a gimmick player with just a couple tricks up his sleeve.  I’m sure we will see the fate of the Broncos–in the Andrew Luck hunt for next season.

Week 5 Things to Note:

Really Jaqua Parker?  The oldest trick in the book?  Seriously?

Fred Jackson is not a fluke.  He is a TRUTH!!

BGE shows up and plays!

What in the WORLD IS WRONG with Philip Rivers?

Oakland Raiders: You did Al proud yesterday! JUST WIN BABY!

Dwayne Bowe is GREAT!!


FAN TWEET OF THE WEEK: This is where we quote a tweet from one of our followers on Twitter.  This week it’s from Marc and Derrel of @razzjazzsports.  Check them out at razzandjazzsports.wordpress.com.  Here is their tweet: “The Oakland Raiders exposed the New York Jets defense and they have not won a game since.  Championship team?  This may not be a playoff team. 

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