Let me pull this quote from last week:  “I’m really looking forward to my matchup against my partner in this whole thing, Play Action Princess (Baby, I will try to take it easy on you).”  That Ladies was from your league commish.  I love making people eat their words!  Well girls, what can I say?  We crushed the guys!  Y’all did great!  We were 1 point away from bringing out the brooms and sweeping the guys off of Stattracker!  Read ’em and weep boys!

Play Action Princess crushes DNASTY: 

Girl Behaving Badly beats Mo Risen: 

Domin8 Trix vs Team Bring It: 

Jacksonville Swaggars vs STAR STUDDED:

And getting her FIRST WIN! DC vs Ballers Unorthodoks: 

I’m not gonna bore you with numbers or stats or standings. Nope! Besides, yall can plainly see how things turned out in Week 4. Ladies, my hat goes off to you, all of you!  Yall did your thing!  I gotta give it to you, yall are the best right now!  You have two undefeated teams (A Girl Behaving Badly and Domin8Trix) and you all, (with the exception of STAR Studded) won your matchups with the MEN.
Fellas, and this is as much for me as it is the rest of you, we are terrible right now. I talked trash against my opponent and I got SMACKED. But fellas, we have another opportunity in Week 5!  Battle of the Sexes 2 is next week. We have a chance for redemption. I’m taking on Girl Behaving Badly, which I have history with from another league.  Nicole, I got mad respect for you, BUT, you are in need of a loss. That’s all I’m gonna say. Fellas, good luck to you all!  We need to show our stuff against these WOMEN!

Week 4 Things of Note:

Jimmy Graham, you are my MVP

MEGATRON-You came up BIG this week!

Ryan Fitzpatrick, I gave you a shot and you let me down

Did the Ravens Def really go off or was Mark Sanchez

Andre Johnson, I need you man. I wish you a speedy recovery
Thank you for showing up Arian Foster!
Peyton Hillis, C’mon son!!!

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