The Week of the Comeback: Week 4!

We had SO much fun Monday night, that this week we decided we wanted to go where the people are again!  A couple years ago, we watched a Monday night football game at BlackFinn when the New Orleans Saints played the Atlanta Falcons. (the year the Saints wind up winning beating Atlanta and winning the Super Bowl later).  We had such a great time that we decided to go back!

We were NOT disappointed!  If you know about me, you know I love talking trash and being around proud fans of their team.  While I went primarily to check out my Redskins (and the official ESPN 980 post game show was being taped there), there were fans for just about every 1 o clock game on!  Steelers, Texans, Cowboys, Philly, 49ers…and of course Redskins fans!  Everyone was cheering (or jeering) at different games.  They had the sports bar MUST HAVES: lots of huge tvs, lots of beer options, and delicious food!   Check it out:

Yesterday was a wild and crazy day in the NFL. There were injuries to big stars (Ben Roethlisberger, Andre Johnson), controversial calls (Victor Cruz), stupid touchdown celebrations (Marion Barber), and ridiculous TD costing penalties (Danieal Manning). But there was nothing more wild or crazy than the heartbreaking lose a gigantic lead losses that I witnessed in the 1pm games. Michael Vick played the game of his life yesterday, throwing for almost 500 yards. The Eagles offense did their job yesterday coming up with a 20 plus point lead. But the Philly D self destructed letting Josh Morgan (who??), Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore score late TDs. Is it me or should Andy Reid be relieved of his job. And then, there’s my Cowboys. What can I say. We lost, and in the worst way.  The only thing I can say is that Romo lost the game for us. TWO PICK 6’s!!! TWO TONY!!!!  Your Defense should have kicked u up and down the field after yesterdays loss. They had pretty much shut down Stafford and that high-powered Lions offense. And what can I say about Calvin Johnson. He’s amazing!  Nothing like it.

I heard the Detroit Lions being referred to as the Cardiac Kids today.  I could have sworn that was my Washington Redskins all this time.  Every.  Freaking.  Game I am stressed out, heart pounding, praying that they pull it out and of course, even against the lowly St. Louis Rams, they didn’t disappoint!  BUT!  Like I said on Tuesday, I am quick to say “A Win is A Win” and that’s what my squad brought home this week from St. Louis: A Win!

After I picked up my face and my bottom lip off the floor, I watched Aaron Rodgers and the Packers wail all over Denver. Right now he’s the best QB in the game, BAR NONE!  And last contest between the Ravens and the Jets, was NO CONTEST!  I turned to HBO.


Matt Forte is a Running Back not a WR (Mike Martz, I’m talking to you!)
Note to self-put 3 defenders on him and toss the ball in the air-MEGATRON WILL DELIVER!
Rob Ryan needs to be smacked for saying Dez Bryant and Miles Austin are better than Calvin Johnson
Fantasy Football owners and Texans fans shed a tear at the thought of losing Andre Johnson (come back soon!)
Dez Bryant is a beast though
Arian Foster RAN on the Steelers head! (Welcome back!  Hope you stay healthy!)
Redskins need to run and run and run….
The only “Dream Team” featured Jordan, Magic, and Bird..miss me with the Eagles!
Rex Grossman will self destruct
Which brings me to…Tony Romo
The J E T S Jets Jets Jets are in big trouble
So are the Steelers
My MVP is Aaron Rodgers. 52 Fantasy points, nuff said
Who is the back up QB for the Jets?

THE FAN TWEET OF THE WEEK: This week features a tweet from Josh Kramer of @sporskraze on Twitter.  His site is also  It’s your one-stop shop for sporting chatter!  Here is his tweet for Week 4 and it was a perfect summary 140 characters or less: “Week 4 was no bore, there were comebacks galore…#NFL”

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