She Said: Take Care of “The Girls”

My very best girlfriend (of almost 20 years!) and I have many things in common.  We both LOVE football.  Taking after her mom, she is a HUGE fan of the Dallas Cowboys.  I remember going to her moms house for Super Bowl parties (WAY back in the day) and thinking “The Redskins will be back”  HA!  While we are never on the page for love of football teams, we both share another passion: Breast Cancer Awareness!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an international campaign promoted and supported by a variety of charities, organizations, and companies.  The purpose of this initiative is to bring awareness to the disease, promote early detection to save lives, and finally to raise funds for research and the future possibility of a cure. 

 My best friend’s mom is  a 16 year breast cancer survivor and every year in June we walk in the Susan B Komen race for the cure in Washington, DC.  Participating in that event is so inspirational!  The women I have met and the stories I have heard over the years are an amazingly true testament to the power of prayer and the power of the  human spirit to overcome adversity. 

 Of the many organizations that support and promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month, two are very important to me personally. The first is my embroidery company:  Endorse Apparel Company.  For the 2nd year, we are donating $5 for every item purchased in the month of October to the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure. Visit and check out the variety of designs! 

The 2nd organization is the NFL.  As a women who loves football, I am equally a proud fan of the NFL for the work they do to promote Breast Cancer Awareness.  The NFL also does a wonderful job celebrating breast cancer survivors as well as honoring those who have lost their lives fighting the battle.  Every October they highlight stories that are important to players, coaches, staff, and owners in the National Football League.  The  NFL’s theme is “A Crucial Catch: Annual Screening Saves Lives” 

The most important thing I want to leave with you: EARLY DETECTION IS THE KEY TO LIVING!  This is for all of the women in our lives that we care about!  Get screened!  A mammogram and clinical breast exams are a MUST!  For more information, talk with your doctor and visit the site I use: They have a link to 31 days of activities to do during the month of October as well:

Tell a lady you love today! 

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