I’m very sad to say that this league is starting to be She Said Fantasy Football League. The Men lost another head to head match up and our record is now 1-2 against the Ladies (Shout out to Domin8 Trix). We are being outscored by the Women 1571 to 1505 and we are tied in overall win loss record at 6-6. We have TWO teams in the He Said Division that have yet to win a game, but I won’t mention them by name but they know who they are. I’ve been singing this same song for THREE WEEKS now: WE gotta do better, the Ladies are killing us!

But, week 4 we have another shot at this. As a matter of fact, we have 5 shots to gain ground on the Ladies. Next week has been deemed the HE SAID She Said Fantasy Football Battle of the Sexes, where all teams will be going up against the opposite sex. Should be interesting to say the least. I’m really looking forward to my matchup against my partner in this whole thing, Play Action Princess (Baby, I will try to take it easy on you).

In week 3 of the HE SAID She Said Fantasy Football match up of the week, the ladies bring home ANOTHER Win!!!! Number 1 in the league took on number 10 in the league and it was no contest. Domin8 Trix served Ballers Unorthodoks yet another loss. I don’t believe anyone was shocked by that outcome…

Look who is feeling himself because he moved up a slot! HA! Another man in this league tried to claim victory over Play Action Princess in another league and you see what happened to him…I’m gonna go ahead and tell you now that the Ladies can pull off a sweep of the Fellas! And we don’t need ridiculous trades to make it happen!

Things of note for Week 3:

Matt Schaub, you do exist!

Santonio Holmes-they paid you now PLAY!

Jimmy Graham, you are my MVP through the first 3 weeks

Sproles…can a sista get some consistency

Randall Cobb, you are a waste of a Waiver Wire pickup

With 4 picks AND 4 touchdowns, I’m sure NO ONE is really mad at Tom Brady

Andy Dalton, I may never use you, but you have a future in Fantasy

I seriously want to know if Chris Johnson is still holding out

Ryan Fitzpatrick, I REALLY NEED TO USE YOU!

Tim Hightower will rebound this week 😉

Andre Johnson, you are soooo dependable

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