The First Day of Fall Football Saturdays

I know exactly what you are thinking: who is THAT kid?  Well #40 is my bestie’s son and today was his team’s Homecoming.  He plays for the Spirit of Faith Warriors.  Watching a kid like Amon play is really exciting.  He captures the essence of football for me.  At his young age, he has a passion for the game.  In fact, the boy suits up and runs plays in his room.  He is able to have competent sports talk with adults at the age of 11.  He reads sports articles and watches ESPN, but he is also a scholar at school with EXCELLENT grades.  I’m very proud of him!

For the last year, I have been running an embroidery company (Endorse Apparel).   Dressing my bestie for her son’s game is a MUST on fall Saturdays.  Here is the design I made for her to wear for Homecoming:

 She said he and the T shirt were a HIT!

Today was a lackluster uneventful day for me. I got up too early this morning for a SATURDAY to go to work.  College football didn’t have much excitement for me:  the Terps got murdered by Temple, the Canes lost a game they should have won against Kansas St., and there were no major upsets, unless you count #21 Clemson beating #11 Florida St.  So it wasn’t a lot going on today for me football-wise.  However, J and I were planning out our Monday Night Football evening which will be featuring MY COWBOYS against HER REDSKINS in Dallas. Last year, we witnessed the first meeting of these teams at Fedex Field and the second meeting comfortably at home. But this year, since the birth of He Said She Said Football, we’ve decided to go to a venue that we know a lot of people will also be enjoying the game. But we couldn’t quite come up with the right spot. But while driving in one of our favorite parts of DC, we stumbled upon a spot that we always said we would check out. While J sat in the car, I went in and checked this place out. I was sold immediately when I saw the two big flat screens outside the place. Then I walked in and saw flat screens lining both walls with different games and sports, PARADISE!  So Monday night as I venture into what I’m sure will be hostile territory for me  at Penn Quarter Sports Tavern @PQST, my beloved and I will be on opposite sides, rooting on our favorite teams, enjoying a new spot. Planning this, turned this lackluster, uneventful day into a GOOD day.

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