Who’s the Fan?

Today our company celebrated the culminating events for its conversion.  As a result, I met a guy flying in town from Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  This morning, he was surprised to hear me listening to the Sports Talk radio.  As  a result we started talking about football.  Since he was from Indiana, I asked him did he love the Indianapolis  Colts.  His response:  “I don’t like the Colts this year”. 

Fair or not, I instantly labeled him the worst a fan could be labeled:  The dismissive “Fairweather Fan”. Sure it’s easy to love the Colts when Peyton Manning is leading the team to AFC North championship year after year.  Now is the test of one’s fanhood and this guy was failing MISERABLY my book.  This is a topic I am passionate about!

As a Redskins fan growing up in the Nation’s Capital, I live and breathe the Redskins.  It is my birth right  courtesy of my wonderful Father, and my Granddaddy before him.  No matter the season, win or lose its Hail to the Redskins for me!  Needless to say for WELL over the last two decades, I have earned my right to be a Redskins fan.  Year after year, I have been laughed at (mostly for talking too much trash) by fans of other teams.  However, no matter what, year after year-Hail to the Redskins!  Trust me they have made it difficult! 

Fans of other teams canNOT say the same.  I will be honest with you, I have met “fans” of Pittsburgh, Green Bay, New Orleans,Patriots  and *deep breath* the Dallas Cowboys.  These self pro-claimed fans cannot even name 10 players on the whole squad!   It irritates me!  I’m over it and them. 

I will say this: the people most precious  to me, including D (the co blogger of hesaidshesaidfootball) my BFF, my greatest girlfriend and my cousin all love Dallas and are legit fans (don’t wanna get cut).  But many people are not like them. Can’t hold an intelligent conversation about the team, let alone name players or have even been to Dallas! 

Another team I support over the years has disappointed me.  This year (and for several years to come once the dust settles) my beloved Miami Hurricanes surely have not lived up to the standard of “It’s All About The U” !  There used to be a time Miami ran the ACC…that has been many years ago.  Last week on National TV , The U played my hometown Maryland Terps and lost in embarrassing fashion on Labor Day!  Talk about a shamed fan!  I certainly hoped they would come throught today…

As a fan of The U, I wasn’t at all anticipating a good season. It definitely felt so after they rolled over and played dead against a mediocre Maryland team in the first game of the season. So when I saw that Ohio State was next on the achedule, i chalked that up as another loss. I know OSU has players on suspension but they are nationally ranked and coming off back to back wins. If the U had any chance of winning, it would be considered an upset. But as a fan, I still planned to watch and root my team on. When J and i arrived to our chosen venue for the evening to enjoy dinner and the game, our plans were quickly about to change due to another patron rquesting to watch a meaningless baseball game. Fortunately, football won out…after MANY complaints!  But as fans, we were ready to walk out and catch the game elsewhere just so we can see our favorite team in a game. 

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One response to “Who’s the Fan?

  • Mike

    I’ve been a die-hard 49ers fan all my life. Never would change a thing nor leave my team. Been a true fan and true fans ride or die with their teams thru everything. Good post!

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