The Saturday Before “THE” Sunday…

Growing up in the suburbs of Washington, DC and attending my beloved “Home by the Sea” Hampton University has left me biased–There is NOTHING like the HBCU experience!  Football games in the fall are the best!  The Battle of the Band, the Fraternities and Sororities, then finally the best part: all of the alumni coming back still repping their home away from home!  Every time I go to a game at my beloved HBCU, Hampton University, it’s like I never left.

Today D and I stayed in DC and attended the Morehouse vs Howard game played at the legendary RFK stadium.  It reminded me of years past when I used to go to Howard games as a teen.  I also was reminded of the sense of “home” I felt when coming back to DC from Hampton for the HU vs HU games.  Ladies at HBCUs don’t care that it’s a football games, they are getting DRESSED UP!  Heels  and fly dresses or jeans, all type of hot coats etc! I saw the jazziest couple walking hand in hand donning their Morehouse and Spelman gear.  The experience in DC is different from most cities that host a game.  The Metro is rowdy, the traffic is crazy…and note: I’m not even talking about Homecoming! 

The game itself was very exciting.  The first three quarters were back and forth with Morehouse striking first.  But in the end, Howard dominated the 4th quarter and solidified a win by a narrow margin with a 30-27 final.  I would be remiss to not mention Howard QB Greg McGhee (no relation) who went 22 of 29 in passing completions, 248 yards and 3 TDs .  It may not have been the best football, but it didn’t matter.  It was the first time since 1997 that these two schools have played against one another in a rivalry that goes back 88 years.  It didn’t matter to me who won or loss, or even the game itself.  The thing that meant the most to me about this game was TRADITION.  Tradition of these two prestigious institutions that have given this country many of the best and brightest.  For these two schools to renew its tradition and rivalry is monumental.  To think, this game was played in the Nation’s Capitol, on the weekend that we are remembering this country’s greatest tragedy, and its a college football game that helps bring people back together after 14 years.  It was such a warm and familial atmosphere, and though I didn’t attend either school, I felt right at home.  What a glorious day for football and TRADITION.

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