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What we LOVE about Football

Sunday Morning I have my routine:  I attend church with my family and arrive back home around 10:30am.  I change into my outfit for the day: Football Related Attire.  Among the options are: My Redskins T shirt, My Redskins Hoodie, or a Fantasy Football T shirt  (from Endorse Apparel Company).  Then at 11am I turn on Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN.  I love Boom and the Gang!  After watching the opening segments, I will flip to other pregame shows and adjust my fantasy football line up until kick off time.  From 1pm kick off until the last game goes off around 11pm that night, I am 100% tuned in to the NFL-the games, analysis, fantasy football, and highlights.  For me there is NOTHING else better to do on a Sunday.

Early this summer, I had a frightening thought:  What if the lockout doesn’t end?  What if the season gets interrupted?  What if there is no NFL season this year?  I had to wash my brain of these thoughts. That could never happen!  What would I do on game day!?  That’s when I realized  how much I truly LOVE FOOTBALL.  With the NFL is officially back, I am both relieved and elated!  As I write about what it is that I love so much about football, I struggle to come up with just a few things. There are MANY things. A football game is better than any movie, any reality television show, any piece of music! It’s drama and theater are captivating.  There’s nothing like it.  It brings people together. When I go somewhere around people I don’t even know, the topic of football always breaks the ice for me. For men it’s the best pastime. Its the ultimate entertainment.  I simply love it!

For me, THE best thing about being a football fan is OTHER football fans 🙂
D and I attend a lot of games and got to a lot of sports bars.  We LOVE meeting and talking to other football fans.  It’s great to see other people so passionate. A sea of people decked out (in what I believe to be their Sunday finest) are cheering or agonizing play by play.  I learn so much about plays and schemes from talking with other fans.  I mean really, as I Redskins fan I have met THOUSANDS of people who feel they should be the next GM of the team or wish they had enough money to purchase the team themselves.  I love it!  I have made of many friends through being a football fan–and it’s funny: some of the very people I call my friend (or family member for that matter) will be sure to call me, text me, write on my FB wall, or send me a tweet regarding the performance of my team.  Admittedly, I am QUICK to return the favor!  I realize that it is because of my talent of trash talk that gets me into love/hate relationships with other fans (including my beloved boyfriend and co writer of this blog).  In the end it’s all love and it’s all good.

Football has every plot twist, every unexpected conclusion, every climatic journey of any great movie. Who could forget Michael Vick blazing down the sideline for a spectacular run, or DeSean Jackson fumbling a punt, then off to the races against the Giants, or Ndamekong Suh decleating Rex Grossman and taking a forced fumble into the end zone for a game-winning score. There’s a million things that I can recall:  Brandon Marshall zig zagging down the field against my beloved Cowboys, James Harrison taking an interception back for a score against the Cards in the Super Bowl, and speaking of Super Bowls, the Saints onside kick after halftime against the Colts.  This is the best drama on tv!!  What’s not to love….

In our next post we will discuss what we are expecting from the preseason.  We will also be attending our 1st preseason game of the season this Friday.  The Steelers at the Redskins.  Can’t wait to share it with you!

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