What’s to come of the run game in Carolina…Clearly another question to be answered in the ever anticipated free agency show that is going to happen any day now.  DeAngelo Williams has put in solid work in Carolina, leading the “Double Trouble” running attack in Carolina. Last year, due to injury, Williams didn’t have much effect.  He managed 361 rushing yards and 1 TD.  The back half of “Double Trouble”, Jonathan Stewart had 770 rushing yards and 2 TDs.  And Stewart has made it clear he wants DeAngelo to remain his teammate: “Oh, yeah,” Stewart said when Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer asked him if he wanted Williams back. “So once they get this deal done I’m pretty sure the organization would like to keep the duo going.  I mean, if it’s not broke, why fix it?”  All talks point toward the end “Double Trouble”…I’m sure we will know something before August  If  Williams does depart, Mike Goodson could be a decent replacement.  He made the most of his opportunities last season, averaging 4.5 yards per carry and 3 TDs leading the team.  Goodson could surprise some folks this upcoming season.

The QB situation in Carolina is really not clear.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they drafted Cam Newton with the number pick.  But they drafted Jimmy Clausen last year as their QB of the future.  So, we now have some questions that need to be answered:  Who’s gonna start?  Have the Panthers given up on Clausen?  It’s good thing to have two young QBs at your disposal.  But Newton is young and inexperienced.  He played one year of Division I football, in a non-pro offense.  Clausen was pulverized last season.  He was sacked 33 times in 13 games.  He threw for 1558 yards, 3 TDs and 9 INTs.  There’s too much uncertainty at the Carolina QB position.  Don’t draft any Panther signal callers.

  Here’s ANOTHER free agency question that will be answered:  What will happen to Steve Smith.  Word on the street is that Smith (going into his 10th NFL season at 32 years old) is looking to be a part of a winning team.  The Panthers on the other hand really need a vet receiver to help rookie Cam Newton.  The Panthers acquired Jeremy Shockey in March.  Shockey who si now with his 3rd NFL team can bring the wisdom Newton needs in a big play Tight End…though Shockey can be a bit emotionally unstable in my opinion.  With Steve Smith leading all receivers with 554 yards and 2 TDs…clearly there is no Panther to draft this year on Fantasy Football Draft Day

Don’t draft the Carolina Panthers Defense/Special Teams.  Not because they are bad.  They aren’t that bad actually.  Don’t draft them because they don’t generate points and they won’t shut any teams out.  Last year, the Panthers were ranked 18th overall, and 11th against the run.  But the whole season, they generated  Defensive/Special Teams TD.  The one defensive standout that the Panthers have is Charles Johnson, who led the team with 12 sacks.  So, if you are in a IDP league, take a stab at him, but other than that, stay away from the Panthers Defensive.

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