Mile High

If the Broncos don’t keep AND start Kyle Orton, they deserve to have another miserable season.  I understand that Tim Tebow is the future, but he is not the best option that Denver has at QB.  Orton has proven that he can be a starter in the NFL.  He proved it in Chicago and last year in the Mile High state.  In 13 games, Orton threw for 3653 yards and 20 TDs, AND he did it with some “just OK” receivers(Brandon Lloyd, DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE).  Tebow showed some promise last season.  He had 11 total TDs(6 rushing), but he has yet to show that he’s an NFL QB.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m rooting for Tebow.  He was one of the best college football players ever.  But it’s a different world in the big boy league.  He still has a lot to learn.  Maybe the Broncos know what they are doing b giving him on the job training.  My take is, if Orton is the starter, draft him and play him as you see fit.  But if Tebow is taking the snaps, run far far away.  There’s no need to mention Brady Quinn.  He’s a non factor!

Von Miller-the Denver Broncos have been waiting for you!  Last year the Broncos were ranked LAST IN THE LEAGUE for total Defense.  The Broncos allowed an astounding 29.4 average points per game.  Wonder how?  Well with just 10 ints and 23 sacks, there was an air assault in the Mile High City!  A jaw dropping 390.8 average yards per game proves that Denver is where all QBs came to get their stats up last season.  But it doesn’t stop there.  The Broncos also allowed an average of 154.6 rushing yards per game too. Let me just say this: While Denver has made upgrades to the Defense during this years NFL Draft, it’s still not enough to draft the Broncos Defense when you do your Fantasy Football draft.

Last season was the best season in Brandon Lloyd’s 8 years in the NFL.  Passed around from team to team (San Francisco to Washington from Washington to Chicago and then from Chicago to Denver), it’s been a long road for Brandon Lloyd.  However, last year, Lloyd was awesome with 1448 receiving yards and 11 TDs.  I’m sure very few actually drafted him last year.  More than times than not, he made some Fantasy Footballers look a Waiver Wire Guru…I hate to say this, but I’m not a believer that he will be this great again.  Going into his 9th year in the league, with yet ANOTHER QB who happens to also be an experiment….I just don’t know about this one…I’d say, don’t draft him, but maybe keep your eye on that Waiver Wire again.  The success of any Bronco WR will come down to the success of Tim Tebow and that remains to be seen…

I don’t like any Bronco RBs!!!  Especially, Knowshon Moreno.  Nothing personal, but he’s just never been a consistent Fantasy player.  I guess he had a decent rookie season with a little over 900 rushing yards and 9 total TDs.  But last year, when you wanna see improvement, he moved backwards.  He had some injury problems, so he only played in 13 games.  But he only managed 779 yards and 8 total TDs.  I guess you can give the argument that the Broncos had to the throw the ball to try to win games.  But to win games, you need a good defense and a good running game, which the Broncos had neither.  Moreno is the best option at RB for Denver due to them having Correll Buckhalter, Lawrence Maroney, and LenDale White backing him up.  All of these guys are NFL washouts and Fantasy busts.  Denver will try their hand at free agency once the lockout is lifted, since they didn’t address RB needs in the draft.  So for now, do yourself a favor and stay away from all Broncos RBs.  I’m just saving you some heartache.


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One response to “Mile High

  • JW

    While I completely agree with you on Kyle Orton, the play at the quarterback position is not the reason the Broncos were terrible last year. While they mav have added some improvements in terms of personnel, that personnel still has to perform; and there are some holes that were not addressed, such as the offensive line and your aforementioned “running back by committee.”

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