The Titans

If I have to really breakdown why drafting Chris Johnson is a must, then let me also be the first to welcome you to the exciting world of Fantasy Football!  Consistently for the past 3 seasons, Johnson has been over 1,200 rushing yards and 10 TDs.  But that’s not even the story.  In 2009 (just his 2nd year in the league) Johnson rushed for over 2000 yards, earning him the nickname “CJ2K”.  The real (and basically only) Fantasy Football STUD from the Tennessee Titans is Chris Johnson.   Johnson is typically WHO YOU DRAFT if you get the #1 pick on Fantasy Football Draft Day.  The Titans will continue to base their offense around him going into the 2011-2012.  Trust me if it’s your turn to draft and his name is on the board-DRAFT HIM.  Nuff said.

The Titans are a running team and always has been.  They made an attempt last season to go vertical in the air but The Randy Moss Experiment was a BIG FAIL and though when he played he was effective, Kenny Britt was injured and played hurt much of last year.  Also Britt doesn’t play nice off the field resulting with brushes with the law.  He played in only 12 games last season, but finished with an impressive 9 TDs, though he only managed 775 receiving yards.  Besides Britt, there’s Nate Washington(NO), Justin Gage(NO), Jared Cook(NO WAY), and TE Bo Scaife (MAYBE) who will try to stretch the field for the Titans.  But with Kerry Collins retired, Vince Young in limbo, Chris Johnson ready to hold out, a new QB, AND a new Head Coach?  I would stay far away from any Titan receiver when draft time comes around.  It’s too many unanswered questions.

Congratulations to Kerry Collins as he announced his retirement for the National Football League on 7/7/2011.  Collins ended with 16 year long career with 40,441 yards and 206 TDs.  Most recently the Titans were the last team he started in which he has 1823 passing yards, 14 TDs before losing his starting job to Vince Young.  Vince Young and the Titans have had one rocky relationship to say the least.  Before the latest of meltdowns between VY and the Titans, Young had 1225 yards, 10 tds, 3 ints, and 13 sacks.  The relationship between Young and former coach Jeff Fisher blew up for the final time at the end of the season.  So bad that Titans owner…… announced that the organization would part ways with Vince Young.  However, the organization also parted ways with Fisher.  “Some reports” say the maybe there is a shot that the Titans will give Young another shot now that Fisher is gone …I say don’t count on it….
All this is a very lovely welcoming for new QB draft pick Jake Locker.  I’m sure the Titans thought that Collins would hang around and mentor their new prospect but no such luck. Free Agency (whenever that is) will be where the Titans find some relief at QB…not much by way of analysis there either.

Overall, the Titans’ D wasn’t that bad.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t that good either.  They were middle of the road, actually, change that.  They were bad.  That won’t win you many games or get you many Fantasy points though.  The Titans’ D was ranked 26th overall,  29th against the pass, and 20th against the run.  The Titans did have a couple of standouts.  Jason Babin recorded 13 sacks.  Michael Griffith led the team with 4 INTs.  Even Courtland “Punching Bag” Finnegan scored a Def TD off an INT. Tennessee did draft 6 Defensive players this year, including OLB Akeem Ayers from UCLA, so they are looking to upgrade defensively.  Special Teams they have Pro Bowler Marc Mariani, who took back a punt return and a kick return to the house last season.  When you are looking for a D when your Fantasy draft comes around, you could do worse, but there are my other options that you could look at.  As far as kickers go, Rob Bironas is still one of the league’s most consistent.  The question is, will he have many opportunities to be in scoring position?  He is worth a draft pick though.

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