Just know Peyton Manning

I don’t need to tell you that you need to start Peyton Manning every week if you draft him in your Fantasy league.  But I will!  Manning is the one piece that the Colts need to win.  It doesn’t matter who he’s throwing to or handing off to, he’s THE MAN.  He’s made Fantasy household names for players like Tamme, Collie, Garcon.  The list is endless.  The Colts didn’t even bother to re-sign former premier receiver Marvin Harrison a few years ago.  Why would they?  They just plugged in a new guy to start catching TDs.  Now granted, Manning had a down year last season according to many “experts”.  I just don’t happen to agree.  Ok, he had a 3 game stretch when he threw 11 INTs.  In the other 13 games, he had just 6.  So I guess 17 INTs is a down year for Peyton.  But, throw in 33 passing TDs, 4700 passing yards, and nearly a 300 yards per game passing average, and you have numbers worthy of a Fantasy Football MVP.  I look for another great year for Manning with all of his weapons coming back healthy and strong.  His O Line is also intact.  The Colts even added some new pieces for his line, including T Anthony Castonzo from Boston College in this year’s draft.  I do realize that Peyton won’t last forever, and the Colts don’t have anyone that can come close to what Manning can do.  When you draft him, make sure that you have a back up plan for anything unforseen.  But this man never gets hurt, so if you have him, you are set at QB. 

 I really feel that if your QB is Peyton Manning, you should care less about who the receivers are, because Manning can make anybody a star.  But since we are talking about Fantasy Football, we have to be more specific.  So let’s start with Reggie Wayne.  Wayne is the main guy in the receiver corp for the Colts.  He led the team in receiving yards with 1355 yards on 111 receptions.  He also had 6 TDs to add to his stats.  But even with Wayne being one of Manning’s favorite receivers, he’s no TD machine.  The guy who is, who also led the team in receiving TDs was Austin Collie.  Collie played just 9 games last season due to multiple concussions, but in those 9 games, he found pay dirt 8 times.  Collie is one of those guys you would never hear of it wasn’t for playing with Peyton.  Two years ago, I picked up Collie at the last minute because my regular starter was a game-time decision and I had no one else to play.  I picked Collie just because he played for the Colts and I knew he was going to play.  He scored two TDs for me that game against the Eagles.  I’ve been a fan ever since.  The rest of the receivers are also decent.  Pierre Garcon has shown glimpses of being a star, but he suffers from dropsys.  Anthony Gonzalez was slated to start opposite of Wayne, but he just suffers.  I can’t remember the last time he played a full season.  The Colts also have Blair White, who filled in adequately for Collie during his injury.  Collie is concussion prone, so it might not be a bad idea to check out White.  On the TE front, Dallas Clark is a top 5 Fantasy guy at his position, if he’s healthy.  He suffered a season ending injury last year, much to the dismay of Fantasy owners.  But in came Jacob Tamme, who filled in very nicely for Clark, and developed quite the rapport with Manning very early on.  I look for Clark to come back strong, but I also think Tamme will be an asset again this year as well.  All of these players mentioned are worth drafting in your Fantasy leagues.  However, Manning does have his favorite guys, so they will get to reap the spoils.



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