The Philly Eagles

The most electrifying player in the NFL does indeed play in Philly. When you watch him play, it actually is an experience…The Michael Vick Experience. In the 2010-2011 season, Michael Vick reestablished himself in the NFL, as a starting QB, and as an extremely attractive option on the draft board come Fantasy Football Draft day. Don’t believe me?  Check the stats…last season, Vick had 3018 yards, 21 TD and just 6 INTS in 12 games. ADDITIONALLY, Vick had 9 rushing TDs (more than many, many RBs in the league).  The stats don’t really even tell the story-you have to watch the man play! As a fan of another team in the same division as the Eagles, I wished he played in another division. (That Redskins game at FedEx was awful to watch!) As a fantasy footballer, I felt like a genius last year when I swooped him early off waivers (something told me Kobb wouldn’t work out). Vick will put on a show while you watch the game AND on Statttracker! The only caution about having Vick as your Fantasy Football QB is that his style of play could leave you without him should he get injured. That being said, the risk is still not worth leaving not drafting him-BET THAT! I think you should just keep you eye on a solid back up QB just in case.

The Eagles have two Defensive standouts in DE Trent Cole and CB Asante Samuel.  Cole led the team with 10 sacks and Samuel did his thing with 7 INTs.  Even with decent play from these two, the Eagles Def was less than stellar.  They gave up an average of 23.6 points a game from their opponents.  When you are looking for a Fantasy D, this is not what you want.  You want your Fantasy D to score you points and not give up points.  Last year, the Eagles didn’t fit that bill.  They had a total of two Def TDs all of last season.  Philly did get some much needed help in the draft with picking up 5 Defensive players, and word on the street is that they are looking to make a splash in free agency(whenever that will happen).  On Special Teams, DeSean Jackson is a very exciting player.  Who could forget what he did to the Giants in the closing seconds (LOL @ Tom Coughlin).  But with all of his excitement, he only had 1 Ret TD.  All flash, no substance!  At Kicker, David Akers had been a decent option in Fantasy, but he’s getting older and he missed some key kicks last year.  The Eagles look like they might be fed up with Akers, because they wasted a draft pick on Kicker Alex Henery from Nebraska.  Look for whatever Kicker the Eagles use to have plenty of scoring ops, especially with Vick under center.  As far as Def/ST, take a pass until you see evidence that they can do the job for you.

I will get to the point here on wide receivers: DeSean Jackson.  You definitely want to draft him again this year.  DeSean ended the season with 1056 receiving yards and 7 total TDs.  He played 12 games with out Michael Vick.  This year, I’m afraid of how dynamic their chemistry on field will be.  We all know the key factor with Jackson: SPEED.  He gets many secondaries with that double move to the inside (smh).  Apparently the move never gets old for some corners.  The other receiver of Fantasy Football note is Jeremy Maclin.  Last season he emerged with 964 yards and 10 TDs.  (Hey, someone has to benefit when the defense is worried about Vick and double teaming Jackson).  TE Brent Celek is reliable and will score last year he had 511 yards and 4 TDs.  As long as Mike Vick remains healthy, this receiving core will remain awesome in Philly.

The Eagles running game was phenomenal last year, mainly due to the efforts of a guy named Vick.  But since he doesn’t play RB, I will talk about LeRon McCoy.  I wasn’t trying to suggest that there’s anything wrong with him.  Actually McCoy did pretty well last season.  He rushed for 1080, averaging 5.2 yards per carry.  Throw in 592 receiving yards and 9 total TDs, that gives you a complete Fantasy back that is worthy of being started every week.  He’s got a good mix of power and speed coming out of the backfield, and he is a dangerous receiver as well.  The Eagles knew what they were doing when they let Brian Westbrook go.  The Eagles also have James Harrison, who turned out to be a decent change-of-pace back for them.  He averaged 6.0 yards per carry.  I’m not suggesting that you spend a draft pick on Harrison, but if you do draft McCoy, you definitely need Harrison as a handcuff.  McCoy is a must-have in Fantasy, and Harrison is a must-have if you draft McCoy.  Take my advice!

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