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The Philly Eagles

The most electrifying player in the NFL does indeed play in Philly. When you watch him play, it actually is an experience…The Michael Vick Experience. In the 2010-2011 season, Michael Vick reestablished himself in the NFL, as a starting QB, and as an extremely attractive option on the draft board come Fantasy Football Draft day. Don’t believe me?  Check the stats…last season, Vick had 3018 yards, 21 TD and just 6 INTS in 12 games. ADDITIONALLY, Vick had 9 rushing TDs (more than many, many RBs in the league).  The stats don’t really even tell the story-you have to watch the man play! As a fan of another team in the same division as the Eagles, I wished he played in another division. (That Redskins game at FedEx was awful to watch!) As a fantasy footballer, I felt like a genius last year when I swooped him early off waivers (something told me Kobb wouldn’t work out). Vick will put on a show while you watch the game AND on Statttracker! The only caution about having Vick as your Fantasy Football QB is that his style of play could leave you without him should he get injured. That being said, the risk is still not worth leaving not drafting him-BET THAT! I think you should just keep you eye on a solid back up QB just in case.

The Eagles have two Defensive standouts in DE Trent Cole and CB Asante Samuel.  Cole led the team with 10 sacks and Samuel did his thing with 7 INTs.  Even with decent play from these two, the Eagles Def was less than stellar.  They gave up an average of 23.6 points a game from their opponents.  When you are looking for a Fantasy D, this is not what you want.  You want your Fantasy D to score you points and not give up points.  Last year, the Eagles didn’t fit that bill.  They had a total of two Def TDs all of last season.  Philly did get some much needed help in the draft with picking up 5 Defensive players, and word on the street is that they are looking to make a splash in free agency(whenever that will happen).  On Special Teams, DeSean Jackson is a very exciting player.  Who could forget what he did to the Giants in the closing seconds (LOL @ Tom Coughlin).  But with all of his excitement, he only had 1 Ret TD.  All flash, no substance!  At Kicker, David Akers had been a decent option in Fantasy, but he’s getting older and he missed some key kicks last year.  The Eagles look like they might be fed up with Akers, because they wasted a draft pick on Kicker Alex Henery from Nebraska.  Look for whatever Kicker the Eagles use to have plenty of scoring ops, especially with Vick under center.  As far as Def/ST, take a pass until you see evidence that they can do the job for you.

I will get to the point here on wide receivers: DeSean Jackson.  You definitely want to draft him again this year.  DeSean ended the season with 1056 receiving yards and 7 total TDs.  He played 12 games with out Michael Vick.  This year, I’m afraid of how dynamic their chemistry on field will be.  We all know the key factor with Jackson: SPEED.  He gets many secondaries with that double move to the inside (smh).  Apparently the move never gets old for some corners.  The other receiver of Fantasy Football note is Jeremy Maclin.  Last season he emerged with 964 yards and 10 TDs.  (Hey, someone has to benefit when the defense is worried about Vick and double teaming Jackson).  TE Brent Celek is reliable and will score last year he had 511 yards and 4 TDs.  As long as Mike Vick remains healthy, this receiving core will remain awesome in Philly.

The Eagles running game was phenomenal last year, mainly due to the efforts of a guy named Vick.  But since he doesn’t play RB, I will talk about LeRon McCoy.  I wasn’t trying to suggest that there’s anything wrong with him.  Actually McCoy did pretty well last season.  He rushed for 1080, averaging 5.2 yards per carry.  Throw in 592 receiving yards and 9 total TDs, that gives you a complete Fantasy back that is worthy of being started every week.  He’s got a good mix of power and speed coming out of the backfield, and he is a dangerous receiver as well.  The Eagles knew what they were doing when they let Brian Westbrook go.  The Eagles also have James Harrison, who turned out to be a decent change-of-pace back for them.  He averaged 6.0 yards per carry.  I’m not suggesting that you spend a draft pick on Harrison, but if you do draft McCoy, you definitely need Harrison as a handcuff.  McCoy is a must-have in Fantasy, and Harrison is a must-have if you draft McCoy.  Take my advice!

The Bills

What’s written on White Tshirts everywhere in upstate New York?  WHY SO SERIOUS?  The Bills WR, Stevie Johnson had a pretty stellar season in 2010-2011 with 1073 receiving yards, 419 YACs, and 10 TDs!  Say hello to the bad guy in Buffalo! A regular on Twitter (sometimes for controversial tweets), Johnson is making a name for himself with both fans and Ryan Fitzpatrick (since he caught almost half of the TDs thrown).  The other receivers of relevance Lee Evans and Roscoe Parish combined for 900 yards and 6 TDs last season.  This is a bit disappointing in particular with Lee Evans as he was expected to come back and remain the star.  At 30 years old and coming off another injury…I don’t believe the hype that Evans will put up draft worthy numbers this season.  That man has already been established in Buffalo.  Maybe towards the end of the draft…maybe.  For now, “Why So Serious” is who you draft out of Buffalo on Fantasy Draft Day.

Last year, there is was a muddled backfield in Buffalo.  Marshawn Lynch was telling everyone who would listen that he wanted out of town…CJ Spiller was just drafted and primed to compete for the starting spot…and there was also Fred Jackson.  Jackson kept quiet and never made a fuss.  As the season went on, Lynch got his wish and was traded to Seattle, Spiller played like he had stage fright, and Jackson continued to be reliable.  Unfortunately, he’s reliable for a BAD Bills team.  Jackson led the team in rushing with 927 yards.  He also ran for 5 of the 6 Bills rushing TDs.  The Bills would love to run Jackson, and Spiller for that fact, but because they usually have to play from behind, they have to abandon the run early and pass.  Jackson has shown that he can be a viable part of the passing game.  I think that Jackson can be a good Fantasy back, though not every week.  He should be drafted in later rounds.  Spiller has not shown that he should be drafted, however, he has a lot of potential.  That’s the reason why they drafted him to begin with.  He could end up being a Sleeper this year.  Keep your eye out on this one.  The Bills may surprise us all.

Ryan Fitzpatrick earned his way into a starting QB spot on this 3rd team.  Last year it was Trent Edwards that coughed up the opening after 2 games.  Once Fitzpatrick took over he had 3000 passing yards and 23TDs.  Mostly to his new best friend (and virtual Fantasy Football nobody turned stud) Stevie Johnson.   What will not make Fitzpatrick a MUST on Fantasy Football draft day is his ability to cost you points.  Last season he had 15 INTs 8 fumbles and 24 sacks–YIKES!  What I’m hoping is with another year of chemistry with his players, maybe the mistakes will lessen a bit.  Even still…There are about 12-15 names I’d take off the draft board so maybe, just maybe Fitzpatrick is your bye week QB.

The Bills defense has been woeful for YEARS!! Long gone are the days of Bruce Smith and Darryl Talley leading the Bills D to AFC Championships (no Super Bowl wins, SORRY, BILLS Fans). The Bills D had really had no standout players, no spark, no anger, NO EFFORT, NO FIGHT! They had no one with over 6 sacks all year, and no one with more than 3 INTs. So it’s no wonder the Bills haven’t had a winning record since 2004. But it looks like the Bills want to have big changes on their D, evidenced by this year’s draft. Buffalo used their first 4 picks on Defensive players., and of their 9 picks, 6 were on Defense. This year’s Bills draft class is led by Alabama DT Marcel Dareus picked number 3 overall. Dude is 6’4″ 306! Mean AND nasty! Just what the Bills need. His scouting report says, “Very instinctive with a thick trunk and rare lower-body power. Plays like a rolling ball of butcher knives and can discard blockers with ease. Outstanding press strength to beat blockers at the point of attack. Strong run defender — plays square and out leverages blockers with one arm”. ONE ARM?!?!?! Roller Ball of BUTCHER KNIVES?!?!?! Bills fans should be very happy with this guy. The Bills secondary also got a boost with safeties Aaron Williams from Texas and North Carolina’s Da’Norris Searcy. I’m not saying the Bill’s D will be good, but they should be better, unless the spirit of 2009 Bills draft BUST Aaron Maybin is looming around. Special teams is just like the defense, you can’t count on them. They had 1 return TD all last year, and kicker Rian Lindell was 16 of 21 on FGs. The Bills need a new kicker quick. As a matter of fact, I would stay from all Defensive/Special Team components with the Bills.

Next post we are wrapping up our FAVORITE division: The NFC EAST!  The Michael Vick Show

How bout dem COWBOYS?!

Special thanks to KD Drummond, contributing writer on  He can be heard every Tuesday at 7:30pm on Flood the Block Radio on and seen frequently on Road Games TV show on DCTV.  Follow KD Drummond on Twitter @KDP10FOR10 and @BloggingTheBoys.

Fantasy Forecasting For The Dallas Cowboys

By KD Drummond,

There’s not much that can beat watching the Dallas Cowboys score touchdown after touchdown, making a mockery of the opposing defense. I think I can remember back that far, because we sure didn’t see much of that for most of 2010.

 If there is something better, it could be having the Cowboy that reaches said promise land, penciled into the starting lineup of your fantasy football team. America’s Team and still undisputed, despite the 6-10 campaign from ’10. Cowboys fans take part in fantasy football just like everyone else; rabid enthusiasm until the requisite week 3 catastrophic injury to RB1. The difference is that with so many Cowboys fans worldwide, a publicly assigned fantasy league is destined to have at least one fan that drafts Cowboys players way too high.

 If you’re playing in a league comprised of NFC East rivals though (#Redskinsdontscore), you should be able to get your Cowboys players in the perfect round. This will allow you to maximize the value of the pick and form your strategy. What’s that you say, you don’t have a strategy? Well at least you’ll know what kind of production to expect out of the Cowboys you reached for three rounds too early.

 Quarterback Tony Romo is almost always a must get for me. His production is consistently above average, and he is consistently hated on by non Cowboys fans. In a pass happy offense, Romo has a career average of 8.0 yards per attempt. That’s guaranteed production. He has 118 career touchdowns in 61 games, close to a 2 per contest average.  Over the past three years he’s averaged over 34 attempts per game. That’s an average stat line of 270+ yards and 2 tds. I’ll take that all day and twice on Sundays.

 All these stats occurred with Marc Colombo at right tackle, who by most advanced metrics was the third-worst tackle in the entire league last year. The upgrade on the line should allow Romo more time and cut the interceptions down.  If healthy, expect Romo to throw for over 4400 yards, over 30 touchdowns with 10-13 interceptions. He should be looked at immediately after the first tier of QB’s goes, target end of 3rd, early fourth round.  QB1 material all the way.

 Running backs Felix Jones and DeMarco Murray should be targeted in the 4th and 7th rounds respectively in you play in a points per reception league. Drop them a round each if it’s a pure yardage/touchdown scoring system. Jones shouldn’t be counted on to be a RB1. Expect 1100 yards rushing with 5 TDs, plus 40 catches for 500 yards 2 TDs. If you draft Felix, you should definitely handcuff him with Murray as there is an injury history to be concerned with. Felix averages 9 yards a reception and never drops a pass. Murray is a Jones clone and can run routes as well.  A Jones injury turns Murray moves Murray up from a RB4 to a RB2. Tashard Choice is a RB4/5, as both ahead of him have a history of dings.

 Wide receivers Miles Austin and Dez Bryant make a dynamic one-two punch. Austin is WR1 material, and his off year without Tony Romo should allow you to grab him in the second round after you acquire a stud running back in the first round.  Bryant’s injuries and offseason nuisances could allow you to steal him in the fifth or sixth round, but I wouldn’t count on it if you really want him on your squad. Early fifth round at the latest. He is definite WR2 material with WR1 potential. Roy Williams isn’t worth the consideration. He drops more balls than anyone not in a teabagging contest. Austin could go for 1600 yards in 2011 and double digit touchdowns are a possibility. Expect Bryant to approach 1000 yards and 6-8 touchdowns. In leagues where return yardage counts for offensive players, bump him up a notch.

 Jason Witten is Mr. Consistent. Fifth or sixth round value. You’ll get 1000 yards, 90 catches (big number in PPR leages) and about 5-7 TDs. The Cowboys defense had a down year in 2010, but you can normally wait until about 6-8 defenses are picked and still get great production from the unit.  That should get you going for when your league’s draft rolls around. Go Cowboys!

The Phins

A lot can be said about Miami Dolphin WR Brandon Marshall…on the field…off the field…and especially by me.  But for the sake of this Fantasy Football preview, I will stick to the stats (for the moment).  Last year playing 14 games, Marshall had 1014 receiving yards.  While certainly, that is impressive for some FF leagues, his 3 TDs will only get you 18 points all year long in a score only league.  Not looking so hot now huh?  Now take the concerns at QB in Miami and couple that with being stabbed in the stomach (I said I would hold off for a moment) by your wife–it does not look like this coming season will be stellar for the 27 year old Marshall; Dolphins fans, nor Fantasy Footballers.  The Miami receiver with the most TDs at 7 is Davone Bass.  Bass ended the season with 820 yards.  TE Anthony Fasano was up next with 5 TDs.  Fasano’s rookie year was pretty exciting, not nothing much popping since then.  Until the QB situation and run game situation improves and stabilizes in Miami…don’t draft Ike Turner, I mean Brandon Marshall too early.

With a disappointing running game last season, the Dolphins hope to rebound with the talents of rookie Daniel Thomas from Kansas State who is already slated as the starter going into this season.  Last season was a terrible year and anybody who drafted Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams for their Fantasy squad had to be thoroughly disappointed.  The Phins had a total of 8 total rushing TDs, with Brown leading the way with 5.  Williams and Brown had been steady Fantasy players in the past for Miami, but it’s not likely that either will be back this season, which makes way for Thomas.  In two years at  Kansas St., Thomas rushed for 2850 Yards and 30 TDs.  At 6’2′ 228 lbs, the JUCO transfer is a big guy with quick feet who also has the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.  He runs with power and builds up speed as he goes.  It’s Thomas’ job to lose, but he will struggle behind the weak offensive line, who will get help with the addition of center Mike Pouncey from this years draft.  There are also HUGE QUESTIONS about who’s going to be at QB for the Phins.  In my opinion, no Miami RB should be drafted.

Cameron Wake is how I’m going to introduce the DEF/ST.  The man had 14 sacks and 90 yards lost for the 2010-2011 NFL season.  The problem with the Dolphins is the secondary…specifically Chris Clemons.  The disappointing part about this year’s draft for the Miami Dolphins didn’t select a CB until the last round.  Shocking they didn’t make that a priority in a division with Tom Brady…I mean come on!  They will give up a lot of points this year.
Who remembers the MNF Meltdown against the Patriots of all teams?  Miami Special Teams gave up 21 points in a 41-14 loss.  Simply AWFUL!  So awful that Special Teams coordinator John Bonamego lost his job the next day with out anyone blinking.  That was funny to watch unless you were a Dolphins Fan or you had Miami DEF/ST playing in your line up that night.  Nothing much to talk about Fantasy Football wise here.  They will be on the waiver wire until you need them during a bye week.

The Dolphins did not address their QB concerns in this years draft, which tells me, they have no QB concerns.  That means Chad Henne is once again slated to be the man behind center.  Henne threw for 3301 yards, 15 TDs, and 19 INTs.  He also has Tyler Thigpen breathing down his neck.  If you remember last year, Thigpen took the snaps when Henne and Chad Pennington had to sit down due to injuries and ineffective play.  WIth Pennington probably out of football, Thigpen will be next in line if Henne goes out.  But back to Henne, he had some flashes of Fantasy effectiveness.  In 3 games last season, he threw for over 300 yards and 2 scores, so there are times when he can be viable depending on the matchup.  He also has one of the best receivers in football with Brandon Marshall.  However, he is very inconsistent and he tends to force the ball, especially to Marshall.  He also has weak protection with his O line.  Henne was sacked 30 times last season.  OUCH!!  There’s a good chance the Dolphins could snag a QB in free agency, but with the lockout still running the NFL, who knows.  I cannot recommend Henne or any QB in Miami to be drafted.  Don’t do it to yourself!!

Hail to the REDSKINS!!!!!!

In honor of my beloved WASHINGTON REDSKINS, we’ve turned this post over to MrDCsports. Check him out on twitter @MrDCsports and on his blog:

2011 Redskins Preview

 WE WANT FOOTBALL!  Surely the Redskins want football too after a dismal 6-10 season, that had just as many headaches off the field as it did on the field. Mike Shanahan has already put last season in the rearview, having released three veterans & drafting 12 new players. The draft brought a great deal of surprise to Redskins fans, who had become accustomed to the Redskins coming out of the draft with about 5 players (Thanx Vinny). Still the Redskins have a lot of questions to be answered whenever the league resumes play.


 The offense was 25th in the league in scoring last year & 18th in total offense. Shanahan looks to improve those numbers with a cast of new faces. Shanahan is assembling a team that as he likes to call it “Every job is up for grabs”.

 QB: With McNabb’s status in question, Shanahan may look to John Beck to lead the offense. Beck has only started 5 games in his career, all back in 2007 with the Dolphins. There will be a QB battle for regular season starting job. The only known fact is that Beck will be one of the QB’s competing for the job.

 RB: Veteran Clinton Portis was released after an injury riddled season, the Redskins will now look to Ryan Torain & 4th round draft choice Roy Helu to man the backfield. Torain had a productive season last year when healthy, racking up 742 yds in 10 games played. Helu is a classic Shanahan style back, thrives in a one cut & go system, a threat to take it to the house every time he touches the ball. There will be a fight for the 3rd running back spot between rookie Evan Royster, Keiland Williams, James Davis, Andre Brown & Shawnbrey McNeal. At fullback there is likely to be a battle between veteran Mike Sellers & 2nd year player Darrel Young.

WR: Anthony Armstrong heads the group of young wide receivers going in to the year. Armstrong emerged as a very reliable pass catcher & deep threat for the Skins last year. He will get help from 3rd round draft choice Leonard Hankerson, one of 3 rookie receivers the Redskins drafted. Hankerson gives the Redskins much needed size at receiver & comes in having broke the University of Miami record for most receiving touchdowns in one season. The other two rookies Niles Paul & Aldrick Robinson figure to battle it out for one of the last few WR spots, with special teams likely being the deciding factor. 4th year injury plagued WR Malcolm Kelly looks to fight his way on to the field. Have to think Shanahan likes him to keep him around after missing all of training camp with a hamstring issue before being put on injured reserve. There’s also a possibility of Santana Moss being brought back.

 TE: Would like to see a battle with Chris Cooley & Fred Davis for the starting job, but either way this position is not one of concern for the Redskins.

 OL: One of the biggest question marks on the team. The Redskins opted not to address the line until the 7th round of the draft, selecting Maurice Hurt from University of Florida. Trent Williams returns for his 2nd season to anchor the line, hoping to improve on an up & down rookie year. Derrick Dockery was released after being on the inactive list for most of the season last year, he clearly didn’t fit Shanahan’s zone blocking scheme. Jamaal Brown likely won’t return for another year with the team, leaving a hole at right tackle. Kory Lichtensteiger & Will Montgomery showed promise last year in the interior of the line. Shanahan will likely look to free agency to add a couple of players, possibly Davin Joseph.


Clearly the biggest concern on the team last year, finishing 31st in the league. Jim Haslett had the duty of switching the defense from the traditional 4-3 defense to a hybrid 3-4 look. The problem was fitting square pegs into round holes, the Redskins didn’t have the personnel to successfully run the 3-4. One of this off-season priorities has been to give Jim Haslett the right tools for the job.

 Defensive Line: Nose Tackle is the most important position in the 3-4 & the leading candidate to start is 5th year player Anthony Bryant. Maa’ke Kemoeatu had a very subpar season manning the NT last year. He may be fighting for a roster spot. 7th rounder Chris Neild could surprise & make a push for the starting job. There is a lot of depth at the defensive ends spots. Adam Carriker appears to have starter one spot, while 2nd round draft choice Jarvis Jenkins is the leading candidate for the other. 16 year vet Phillip Daniels will be fighting to get in the rotation as well.

 Linebackers: Headlined by Brian Orakpo with 19.5 sacks & two pro bowl appearances in his first two years in the league. He finally received help on the opposite side of him when the Skins drafted Ryan Kerrigan with the 16th pick in the first round. Kerrigan had a very successful collegiate career with the Purdue Boilermakers. He is a relentless pass rusher that should help elevate the 29 sacks total that the team accrued last year (tied for 25th in the league). The inside linebackers will have a familiar face in London Fletcher. Fletcher still doesn’t look to have lost a step, racking up 136 tackles, 3 FF, & 1 int. last year. Rocky McIntosh is a free agent & may not be brought back next year. In that case the Redskins will look to H.B. Blades or Perry Riley to start at that spot, or opt for someone in free agency.

 Secondary: Big move was made when the team was able to sign FS O.J. Atogwe before the lockout. Atogwe has been a top 10 safety in the league for a few years now. His signing will give Jim Haslett more flexibility with his blitzes, as he doesn’t have to worry about getting beat too often with a ball hawk like O.J. DeAngelo Hall is coming off one of the best seasons in his career. Had the epic 4 interception game against the Bears & was probably responsible for two of the Redskins wins last year. Safety LaRon Landry was having a Defensive player of the year type of season before he went out with an injury. Carlos Rogers doesn’t look to be back, he’s looking to be paid & the Redskins more than likely won’t shell the money out for a CB that has baby oil on his hands. The job opposite of Hall may definitely have to be addressed in Free Agency, Kevin Barnes looks ready to take over the Nickel spot.

 Special Teams: The little engine that could Brandon Banks gave the Redskins a welcomed spark on special teams last year. Had 2 touchdowns called back for unnecessary penalties. But managed to successfully return one kick for a score. But it’s looking like a numbers game with Shanahan bringing in Niles Paul to possibly push at special teams. Kicker Graham Gano had a very inconsistent year. Missing eleven field goals this past year with 5 being under 40 yards. A couple of those field goals were the difference in losing efforts. Punter will probably see a battle with Josh Bidwell & Sam Paulescu. There hasn’t been a stable punter in DC since Matt Turk.

 3 Questions

 1. What to do with Donovan McNabb?

 A lot of questions surrounding McNabb’s future in DC after the rough season he had with the Shanahans. This offseason we’ve heard he could be traded to Minnesota or Arizona. McNabb hasn’t been to any of the team’s unofficial workouts. Pretty sure he won’t be in a Redskins uniform next year.

 2. What to do with major headache Albert Haynesworth?

 Do you release him ASAP? Does he even have any value to trade at this point? Whatever the case may be, the Redskins have to get rid of Albert Haynesworth. You just have to chalk it up as an L with this guy.

 3. Will a year be enough for Haslett to turn around the 31st ranked defense?

 A lot of Redskins fans called for a switch back to the 4-3 defense after  watching last year’s train wreck with the 3-4 defense. But another year in the system should always help. The team was able to focus on bringing in guys that fit the 3-4 this year & with Free Agency still to come, they’ll look to add a couple more guys that can fit. But jury is still out on whether Haslett can get it done.

 Outlook: Like it or not, Mike Shanahan has brought a much needed no-nonsense disciplined approach to the Redskins. You don’t perform, you don’t see the field. Him & Bruce Allen appear to be making strides in the right direction. Can’t wait to see the finished product hit the field! End the Lockout!

The Pats

Love or hate the New England Patriots, one thing is for sure: Tom Brady = fantasy football success.  The pretty boy is arguably the best Fantasy QB (and real QB for that matter) regardless of the list.  Need reasons?  He scores TDs and he rarely has a turn over (just 4 measly INTs last season).  Last year Brady put up 3900 yards and 36 TDs (the most TDs thrown last season).  His QB rating was also a league leading 111.0–no shock there.  At 33 years old, looks like Tom will get younger, upgraded protection this season as the Patriots draft Colorado left tackle Nate Solder. The previous (Pro Bowl) left tackle Matt Light, is a free agent and not expected to return to the team. Apparently, the Pats have been eyeing Solder for a while. With their recruiting track record, I’m sure Brady will rarely get his jersey dirty. Just don’t be one of those who take him with the 1st pick of your Fantasy League Draft…

As I sit and write, I hear the tv in the background with commercials for Greenberg and Bederman; Saiontz and Kirk; Chason and Boscolo;  Benjarvus Green-Ellis??? There’s a new law firm RUNNING ALL OVER Boston.  It used to be that you could never count on a New England Patriot RB in Fantasy football.  Presenting exhibits: Lawrence Maroney, Kevin Faulk, Sammy Morris, and some veteran free agents that wore out their welcome with a previous team. But last year, that all changed, with the emergence of BGE (He plays RB, runs a law firm and a power company).  Last season Green-Ellis ran for 1008 and hit paydirt 13 times!  That’s Fantasy stud material!  He is partnered with Danny Woodhead who had a 926 total yards and 6 TDs of his own.  Both of these guys were great Fantasy performers last year, but its hard to say what Belichick will do this season.  The Patriots drafted 2 RBs in the 2nd and 3rd rounds this year:  Shane Vereen from Cal, and Stevan Ridley out of LSU.  History has proven that Bill doesn’t draft anyone that high without playing them, so I expect the rookies to get some play this season.  This could come at the expense of BGE and Woodhead (LOL, that name cracks me up).  I still think Green-Ellis should be drafted in the early rounds and Woodhead in later rounds, but do your research and pay close attention to the scouting reports.  You know Belichick is sneaky…

When “Mr. Long Hair-Don’t Care” throws 36 TDs in one season, the casual sports fan has to be thinking “Who is this stud of a WR that plays for the Patriots?”.  As a hard core Fantasy Footballers, we all know no such thing exists in New England.  Tom Brady spreads the ball all over the field. With the loss of Randy Moss last season, many thought Brady had no one to catch passes.  Ha! Shame on you all who thought that…Instead Brady has everyone catching passes!  The Pats leading receiver is Wes Welker…a dwindling fantasy football staple over recent years.  Last year Welker led all Pats receivers with 848 yards and 7 TDs. Next up in receiving yards is (almost 32 year old) Deion Branch with 706 receiving yards and 5 TDs.  The Pats did not draft a receiver in this year’s draft so I expect that Branch will remain back at his old home.  The player with the most TDs however was 2010 2nd round draft pick TE Rob Gronkowski with 10 TDs.  He will be a stud this season for Fantasy Footballers.

Last years Pats D was very young and inexperienced for the most part.  With a year of experience under their belt, I look for them to come up strong, based on how they finished the season.  Lets look back: last season, 9 of the first 11 Pats opponents put up 20 or more points.  No Patriot player had double digit sacks for the entire season.  As a matter of fact, the sack leader on the team was DT Mike Wright with 6 sacks.  But the latter part of the season, they got their mojo working:  4 of the last 5  opponents scored a combined 20 points, with seven being the most points scored against them in those games.  The Defense was led by young guns: Jerod Mayo (who led the whole league in tackles with 113) and Devin McCourty (who was second in the league in interceptions with 7).  Last year’s defense was also hampered by some injuries, but you can count on a New England team to have depth, especially on the defensive side.  They will continue to be strong, especially with other standout players like Vince Wilfork, Brandon Merriwether, Brandon Spikes, and Patrick Chung.  They also added some more depth in this years draft, particularly with CB Ras-I Dowling from UVA.  Special teams are led by WR Brandon Tate, who had 2 kick return TDs, and the strong kicking game.  Last season the Pats used two kickers, Steven Gostkowski and Shayne Graham, because of Gostkowski being out for half the season due to injury.  I expect Gostkowski to return this season and be a consistent kicker for them, having many scoring opportunities.  The NE Def/ST will be a strong Fantasy move this year.


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