Who Dey Think Gonna Beat Dem Bengals?!

Terrell Owens, Cincinnati’s best WR last year (yeah I said it) will not even be a Bengal this year. At 37 years old, T.O. ended the season pretty well with 983 yards and 9 TDs.  Not bad, not bad at all… It took Drew Rosenhaus awhile to find a landing spot last season.  I wonder where in the world he will end up in the 2011-12 season.
I love Chad, you love Chad…it’s the end zone that no longer welcome’s #85.  He only had 4 TDs last season with 831 yards in 14 games.  For the last 9 seasons, Chad Johnson Ochocinco (I think he changed his name back?) has been a 1 man entertainment show in Cincy.  Going into his 10th season in the league, Chad has done it all: reality tv, social networking, Dancing with the Stars, played soccer, even a little bull riding.  The problem: He is not producing on his day job.  Going into his 10th season, looks like Chad will finally get his professional football wish–to play for a team other than the Cincinnati Bengals.  At 33 years old, Chad will be a handful for Drew Rosenhaus to sell, but if he can get T.O. a contract…Chad will certainly get one…coming off a bad season and all.

Move on is what the Bengals have done in NUMEROUS ways offensively.  Starting with the #4 overall pick in the draft, the Bengals selected WR AJ Green out of Georgia.  While it is not quite known for sure who exactly will throw the ball to Green, it is expected that he will be the Bengals biggest offensive weapon this season. Offensive Coordinator Jay Gruden is excited to get started with Green and the rest of the Bengals young receiving core including: Jerome Simpson, Jordan Shipley, and Jermaine Gresham.

Will there be a changing of the guard at RB in Cincy?  Cedric Benson  ran well for the Bengals last year……when they ran the ball.  He rushed for 1111 yards and 8 total TDs.  He’s had a good Fantasy run since playing for the Bengals, but Benson is a free agent this year and may be gone for good.  So is Bernard Scott the new workhorse for the Stripes?  That remains to be seen.  Scott is 5’10” and 197 lbs, but despite his size or lack of it, he’s been very durable.  But will that remain if he becomes the every down guy?  Remember the Bengals play the Ravens and the Steelers twice a year and whoever is running the ball could be in for a world of hurt.  There’s also not much depth at the RB position in Cincy. They did draft a RB in the seventh round, but there’s no need to mention his name or the name of the other RBs.  Just keep your eye on Scott and the situation with Benson.  Scott could be a good pick in the later rounds of your Fantasy draft but that’s it.  Benson is a toss up.  I think he could be a good  RB 2 or Flex player but it depends on where he lands.  I really think Cincinnati needs to keep him.  But you know how stupid they are.

Not much to say about that Cincy D…they don’t make much noise for Fantasy Footballers.  Last year they had 29 sacks, (led by Carlos Dunlap with 10) and 1 Defensive TD.  Not really a D  I’d go out of my way to draft in that last round on Fantasy Football Draft day.  Return man Bernard Scott had 1257 return yards in 16 games, but not a single TD…You can do better on Draft Day is all I’m saying…

News Flash!!!!!  Carson Palmer means what he says.  He will never play for Cincinnati again.  Another news flash, owner Mike Brown will not trade Palmer, no matter what he can get for him.  So in comes QB Andy Dalton from TCU, drafted by the Bengals in the second round in this year’s draft.  I mean who else is there?  Carson’s little brother, Jordan?  Dan LeFevour?  There is nobody else!  So Dalton it is.  He’s 6’2″, 215 lbs and the word on him is that he’s accurate and he moves well in the pocket, which is a good thing because his offensive line is woeful.  Needless to say, don’t draft ANY Bengal QBs.  It’s a shame because they have some talented young receivers.

Taking it to the LOU next…

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One response to “Who Dey Think Gonna Beat Dem Bengals?!

  • Brandon Halsey

    In 2009 the Bengals shutout the AFC North division that includes Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cleveland. Obviously beating Cleveland twice isn’t a shocker, but Pittsburgh and Baltimore was a regular season accomplishment. The ending to their ’09 story was an early exit in the Wildcard round of the playoffs and a miserable 2010 season with high expectations based on the ’09 season.

    Everyone thought Cincinnati would be a really good 2010 team and everyone was left scratching their heads when all was said and done. What happened to Carson Palmer? Ochocinco is likely out of town and what about everyone’s favorite receiver Terrell Owens? There are a lot of questions left to be answered partly because the lockout still interferes and partly because it’s Cincinnati and they’re not accustomed to normalcy. However, Cincinnati did have a draft geared to making some changes by taking A.J. Green with the 4th overall pick and Andy Dalton from TCU in the 2nd round to potentially replace Carson Palmer.

    Offensively the Bengals were 20th in total yards which that was the only statistic in which they broke the top 20 barrier. Cincinnati looked a little bit better across the board defensively although they still allowed 24 points a game when their offense could only generate 20 points. Cincinnati’s defensive woes were a combination of poor red zone efficiency and a consistent lack of pressure from the front-7 only producing 12 sacks. They failed to address their issues up front only drafting an undersized 3rd round D-line guy in Dontay Moch from Nevada. It appears they’re hoping their young guys will get better with experience and improve organically.

    The AFC South is a division that’s seen Pittsburgh and Baltimore win the division every year since 2000 except that one special season in ’09 when the Bengals shut down the division. Can it happen again, not this year but get Palmer out and get Dalton acclimated to the life of a starting NFL QB and see what happens in the future. As for now, they improve just a few games. Cincinnati 6-10


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