Now That the Dust Has Settled…

WE WANT FOOTBALL!!  WE WANT FOOTBALL!!  WE WANT FOOTBALL!!  That’s what the fans at Radio City Music Hall were chanting immediately following loud BOOOOOOs to NFL Commish Roger Goodell as he came out to start the 2011 NFL Draft.  Gotta love those New York Fans! 

One thing you have to love about the 2011 NFL Draft is the Story of #1 Draft Pick: Cam Newton.  I joked with some friends that he went from ashy (JUCO) to CLASSY (#1 pick in NFL draft) in the blink of an eye!   Cam Newton’s predecessor at Carolina, Jimmy Clausen immediately tweeted after: “Congrats to Cam Newton, Welcome to the Carolina Panthers!” Another interesting tweet from the draft was from Reggie Bush.  When the Saints drafted RB Mark Ingram (a legal Heisman winner); Reggie tweeted “See you later New Orleans.”  It’s always a good thing when you can see the writing on the wall.

As a long time Cowboy fan, I have both celebrated and suffered.  On to a brighter future, we have a new coach, Jason “Howdy Doody” Garrett, a healthy QB in Tony Romo, and some good young prospects that we drafted in the 2011 NFL Draft!!!!  Going into this draft, we had many needs, and I personally had a couple of WANTS.  One was for the Cowboys to draft  JULIO JONES!!!   Jones is a certifiable MONSTER!  He is big and fast and goes across the middle, but THANK GOD, we didn’t do what Atlanta did.  Who did their draft, Vinny Cerrato?!?!  Atlanta mortgaged their next two seasons by giving up 5 picks for Julio Jones.  Just STUPID!   Although  I wanted Julio Jones to be a Cowboy, we NEEDED so many other pieces.  We needed a good corner and Dallas got a good prospect in Josh Thomas from Buffalo.  We addressed the O line with the best OL in the draft with Tyron Smith from USC, and added OL David Arkin from Missouri St and Center Bill Nagy from Wisconsin.  We also added a WR and a LB which I’m cool with.  BUT, whats up with the TWO RBs? SERIOUSLY?!  Why do we need TWO?  I can understand one, BUT TWO?!?!?!  You see why I want Jerry gone!!  He’s killing me and singlehandedly killing my beloved Cowboys.  We could have used those picks to bolster our defensive line.  Or what about our secondary?!?!  People were throwing all over us. WORD!  Jenkins is not cutting it and who knows what Newman is going to do.   We still have some holes to fill.  But, we addressed some needs.  Hopefully Jerry has some kind of plan for free agency (whenever that happens).  There’s still time to get a new GM.

Maybe Jerry would hire me as the GM!

The Craziest Trade Award goes to:  The Atlanta Falcons.  I have not been shy about expressing my love for Julio Jones.  I was hoping he’d be a Redskin.  He’s an exciting player but Atlanta traded 5 draft picks to get him.  That’s expensive!  As much as I liked Julio Jones, I am glad the Skins did not do that!  The Redskins were benefactors of another crazy trade when Jacksonville traded up to get Blane Gabbert.  I am shocked and HAPPY that my team did something right in the draft…They drafted what the Redskins needed: PLAYMAKERS!! I love Hankerson out of the U and Royster out of Penn State the most…For all the haters saying we should have gotten a QB, I disagree.  Only 1 game separated the Jason Campbell season and the Donovan McNabb season…so a rookie QB would not make the difference.  I’m glad we didn’t invest a high draft pick there this year.   To me, all of this year’s QB class is a bit shaky.  Mel Kiper predicted only a max of 3 QBs would go in round 1.  He said 4 was pushing it.  The teams felt differently. Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blane Gabbert, and Christian Ponder all went in the top 12 picks! 

Ok, as far as the draft is concerned:  The Bengals with AJ Green and Andy Dalton, the Lions with Nick Fairley and Titus Young, the Ravens with Jimmy Smith, Torrey Smith, and Tyrod Taylor, and the Saints with Mark Ingram and Cameron Jordan, all had GREAT drafts.  I will give a special mention to the Redskins for also having a decent draft.  I just heard they are STILL trading picks as we speak!  I guess they are trying to secure Amon Smith (Spirit of Faith Warriors Junior Pee Wee) at safety in the 2022 draft.  Carolina had a terrible draft just by drafting Cam Newton with first overall pick. 

Based on the draft, we can make a few Fantasy Football predictions:

1.  Matt Ryan will be the QB to get you the most FF points this season.  2.  The Arizona Cardinals will be a popular pick for DEF/Special Teams (thanks to Patrick Peterson).  3. Who knows what Sean Peyton is gonna do with his backfield…But Reggie is not a for sure pick up   4.  Think twice about the RB you start against Detroit on game day  5.  All of Zamunda will be at Giants Stadium.

With the reinstatement of the LOCKOUT…football excitement will die down.  HOWEVER, we are conducting Fantasy Football research for the season that WILL BE!  Check us next time, as we start breaking things down team by team from a Fantasy Football perspective. 

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