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Football from BOTH Perspectives…

We met at a football game, our first date was watching a football game, and our first argument was about football. This time last year, we were making plans for the NFL Draft.  You see, we ARE football fans!  Football has been a major part of our relationship.  This year is no different:  we’ve planned the venue, we even have a draft menu.   Excitement and anticipation are in the air:  who will go number one, will our favorite teams get the players we want them to get, which team will be the biggest winner?  That’s some exciting stuff!!!  Even with the NFL in the midst of a conflict, the NFL Draft is MUST SEE TV.   

I remember that first argument very well!  It was about what determines a great DEFENSE.  It got so intense that on our next date, I brought stats to the table to prove my point!  It is with that same competitive spirit that we are going to be watching the draft this Thursday night.   The usual will happen: debating what players should go where, laughing if the other’s team makes a bad pick, and looking to see if our favorite teams address their weaknesses as we the fans see fit. 

With that being said, we’ve already had our first debate: Julio Jones!! I think fans everywhere would love to have him rocking their team colors.  As a Redskin fan, I hope he lands right in that #10 slot!   Problem for me is, there are a lot of teams that could use a top-notch WR right now… Hands down, Julio Jones is one of the most exciting players of this draft class and I can’t wait to see where he ends up!

Julio Jones!!!  Man, I would love to have him rocking that Cowboys Star!!  He is one of the 25 possible draft picks (a record)  invited to Radio City Music Hall for this year’s draft.  This has grown over the years  into a major event. It’s hard to believe that this event wasn’t even televised in the early 80s. It went from no tv, to a two-day weekend program on ESPN. But now, thanks to Roger Goodell and the popularity of the NFL Network, the Draft has turned into a must see 3 day Red Carpet event on primetime television.  I had a guy tell me that he went on a fantastic vacation to Europe with his wife. His one regret was that he MISSED the DRAFT. That’s what the draft has turned into. It’s a HUGE event!!  And you know what?  I completely understand!  There’s nothing keeping me from this years draft:  not the NBA Playoffs, not the NHL Playoffs, not American Idol!  Like I said: MUST SEE TV!

Obviously the most talked about at this event is QB Cam Newton and where he will go…Most still have him at #1.  My thing is this: Carolina picked up Jimmy Clausen last year.  They barely had a chance to see what he’s about and to think they would go QB again seems risky to me…With the troubling events that have surfaced recently with JaMarcus Russell, he has become the poster child of WHAT NOT TO DO IN THE NFL DRAFT.  I think it has some teams trigger shy about a questionable QB choice.  How this goes down on Thursday will be interesting…

There are many questions going into this draft.  Cam Newtow was already mentioned.  He WILL go number one.  But I think that’s the craziest move in recent draft history because they already drafted a QB last year.  Clausen ran for his life last season.  Who’s making the decisions there, Matt Millen??  My biggest question is whether my Cowboys will go with a DB or OL.  I love Patrick Peterson coming out of LSU.  He’s big, he’s fast.  He’s a SHUTDOWN corner, and we desperately need a corner in the worst way. YES Y’ALL DO! LOL  Or will we go with an O Lineman?  I like Mike Pouncey coming out of Florida or Tyron Smith from USC.  They can both help us, and everybody knows we need some better protection for Romo.  Those are just a few things that I’m looking for from this year’s draft.  But I’m also interested to see if someone takes a chance on QB Blaine Gabbert from Missouri.  Some experts have him going in the top 10.  An even bigger question is will any team pull the trigger on Ryan Mallett, who seems to be the reincarnation of Ryan Leaf.

Some teams perform better than others at this event.  Although I’m not a Patriots fan, I have to admire their work.  They will have 6 of the top 90 picks in the draft.  How will they leverage that? What kind of trades will result?  I hope I’m not the only one taking note (hint, hint). Next we will discuss our thoughts on how it all went down…


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